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Jamie Jackson is the next form after Laura Bond when she died in Rivers 1987 he was born in New York City He is the Third River


Jamie Jackson moves with his family to live in London in england where he lives for a very long time he soon wants to find the rest of the Rivers but is unsure of where he can find them.


Jamie Jackson comes close to losing his life when he is stabbed in Torquay he lives and on the same year find the First River and the Sixth River he find out that the first River died and is now in the body of Scott Curtis


Jamie Jackson works with Scott Curtis and Steph Colledge to try and find the rest of the Rivers they soon find the Fourth River who is now in the form of Zoe O'Chapel they then all start living in Totnes


Jamie takes up a new job as a lorry Driver for Comet and starts to work very hard at his new job. In that year the Fifth River joins back this time she is called Primrose Windsor

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