From the two ladies that appeared on "The Brady Bunch", they promote a new beauty serum for teenagers and adults. Marcia gets all the credit because she stole both of Jan's recipe and ideas for the serum. Results may vary.


A customer getting her results after taking Jan and Marcia's Covergal serum. she turned out beautiful at the end of her meditation.

Side Effects

  • Diarrhea
  • Constant Vomiting
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Weight Gain
  • Loss of Hair
  • Bullemic Disorders
  • Mood Swings


Marcia Brady: I'm Marcia Brady. While I started out being a moderately pretty preteen on the hit show "The Brady Bunch", I wasn't that pretty to be in the magazines. That's why I invented Covergal.
Jan Brady: Hey! That was my recipe!
Marcia: The secret is in Covergal's beautification serum. Which soaks right into your body.
Jan: Those were my ideas. I kept telling you.
Marcia: Giving me the glamour boosts I need to have the perfect body whenever I go to the beach and meet handsome men.
Narrator: Marcia gets all the credit because she's beautiful. Covergal; results may vary, whether you're male, female, teenager, or an adult. Side effects include: Diarrhea, Constant Vomiting, Bipolar Disorder, Weight Gain, Loss of Hair, Bullemic Disorders, and Constant Mood Swings. Covergal. Brought to you from the two lovely Brady Bunch girls; Marcia and Jan.

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