Jana Vincent

That is the power you hold within you. That is you. Do not release. Do not explode. Control. Control is the key. To control such strong emotion... even the Emperor could not stop you.
Reibe Vailar to Jana Vincent

Jana Vincent is a turret gunner and the first mate on board the mercenary ship The Echo.


  • Species: Human
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 33
  • Alignment: Light
  • Appearance: dark brown curly hair falls mid-back, dark brown eyes, 5' 2" tall
  • Weapons/Equipment: She's had extensive training in hand-to hand combat... anything she can lift is a weapon in her hands. Other than that, she carries a modified blaster pistol and a long knife anywhere she goes.
  • Primary Role Player: Writer


Jana was raised by her father and mother on Corellia. Her life was not much affected by the Empire, though she was living during the government switch. Her parents had always been concerned for her safety and therefore, when she was old enough, they sent her to a combat school.

At combat school, she excelled in nearly everything she tried, specifically, turret use. She was also trained in several different forms of martial arts. In the combat school, she heard rumors of the best pilot ever, a girl named Beryl Quitaan. Though Jana would have been interested in meeting the hotshot pilot, the meeting never occurred.

After combat school, Jana left Corellia and went to Coruscant. There, she ended up loosing most of her money, forcing her to stay and work. Stubborn enough not to contact her parents for more money, this is exactly what she did, but it led her to fighting.

In one such fight, she met Nic White. He introduced her to the work of a freelance mercenary. She liked it enough that she stayed close to Nic. When he had a job, she went with him. Gradually, they spent less and less time apart. When he won the Echo, she was watching. When he asked her to be the start of a crew he'd recruit for the new ship, she accepted, becoming the first turret gunner and first mate.

Personality and Traits

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