Jane Fairbanks is one of the bodies of the Second River she is one of the Rivers who made it pass the 1980s Eras who didnt die in battle.


Jane Fairbanks was born in Sydney where the rest of the Rivers were born near that area.


She was found by Steph Colledge in her new body in 1981 after she had came back to visit earth with her new mate from Hatlinks called Harriet Sernet she found this time Steph Colledge had came back as alien. Soon afterwards Steph Colledge and Jane Fairbanks started to find the rest of the Rivers. Soon they found Claire Barnett and then after that they found Laura Bond over that year Steph Colledge was the leader and they also found themselfs fighting a man called Dale Dingo who was trying to do research on Steph Colledge he was a master to do with combat but the group manage to get lucky when he was nicked for beating up his wife. Near the end of that year they was watching the news which talked about a teenage girl who manage to beat up four Marines. They looked more into this and found out it was Emma Smith trying to save a girl called Jessie Daniels after they found they lived to tell the tale they came to them and said are you the Rivers. They found that indeed they was and joined back up with them.


That year they found out that Jessie Daniels and Emma Smith had been fighting a gang leader called Mike Sanders and that some of his men were in Sydney. Jane Fairbanks got some of her old gang mates together and they all planned on taking down the last members of the Mels Boys they also found themselfs fighting a new rival called Dr Ragan there had been alot of deaths and he was behind this trying to make warriors from dead. She worked with the Rivers to stop the likes of him. They own the battle with him. But the year wasn't over when once again they had to fight with the Mels Boys in this all night fight one of the members died this was Jessie Daniels. Who was killed by rival gang member named Richard Perry


Jane Fairbanks joined the Rivers when more of these monster by Dr Ragan started to appear this time it was the likes of More Giant Cats and Giant Sharks. The Rivers manage to beat the group who had done it.


The Group kept together and soon found another fight this time called The Fox who was a killer he was stopped by Steph Colledge who was the leader of the group why Emma Smith had another matter to take care of.


Jane Fairbanks moved on with her life now that it had all gone quiet and nothing was heard from her then on. It was known she came back in 1987 to find all the Rivers had died and she was not heard about from then on. A search for her by Steph Colledge in 2008 also proved to fail.

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