Janina Throws A Tantrum is a Pokemon Puzzle League: The New Adventures episode.


  • Janina, Whitney and Liza are at the Thomas store and Janina sees a Thomas' Christmas Wonderland 2000 VHS. She pleads for it, but Whitney and Liza say no and Janina starts throwing a huge tantrum so hard that she is thrown to her room as punishment. Later, they were at the Thomas store again and Janina sees a James and The Trouble With Trees 1999 VHS. She pleads for it again, but Whitney and Liza say no once more and Janina starts throwing another loud tantrum that she gets sent to her room as another punishment. Clair, Liza's best friend, arrives and consoles her, then she yells at Whitney and Liza for causing a lot of trouble and they were both blamed. Later, the two girls watch the two videos together.


  • Janina
  • Whitney
  • Liza


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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