b. 2016 CE d. 2077 CE, United Nations Secretary General 2064 – 2077 CE, Ingvald was the architect for the revitalization of the UN. In 2066 CE, he shepherded the designation legislation thru the General Assembly and the Security Council for the establishment of Antarctica as UN territory, and Amundsen-Scott as its capital. Construction was begun on the Great Dome over Amundsen-Scott in 2069CE and completed in 2074 CE. The UN organizations and international agencies were relocated into the Dome by 2078 CE, and the Headquarters was established there the following year. The first General Assembly session was held at Amundsen-Scott in 2080 CE.

Ingvald did not live to see the culmination of his dream. He died in a plane crash in the Negev Desert in July, 2077 CE while on a shuttle diplomacy mission between Israel and the United Arabian States. Many historians believe that the crash was the result of a terrorist attack by a militant faction of the Israeli security service Shin Bet. Crash investigators could never determine a definitive cause for the crash, and the barrage of accusations that flew between Jerusalem and Qatar destroyed the hopes for a negotiated peace until the early twenty-second century.

As a memorial, the General Assembly of 2082 CE adopted a resolution calling for the construction at Amundsen-Scott of the Ingvald Global Library.

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