The Protectorate of Japan
{{{territorytype}}} of American Republic
Capital Tokyo
Largest city Tokyo
{{{leadertitle}}} {{{leadername}}}
Area 377,835 km²
Population 328,085,000 inhabitants
Population density 868.33 inhabitants per km²
Date of establishment {{{est_date}}}

The Protectorate of Japan is a territory of the American Republic.


I went to Japan for a change of scene,

and to buy things from vending machines.

But I was surprised by the lack of cuisine

When I was a squid in Japan!

I was looking for corn chips and what did i find?

A snack made of dried, relatives of mine?

Suddenly I was not feeling so fine

When I was a squid in Japan!

Squid can be grilled or roasted or fried,

or salted or baked or left out to dry,

squid can be mashed of served over eyes,

Or wrapped up in seaweed, finely sliced!

Squid can be hard boiled, even though it's tough

(Squid: Okay Frog, that's enough!)

Hire a ninja, buy a gun

Learn when to hide and when to run

Never trust anyone if you are a squid in Ja-pannnnnnnnnnnn!



Squid and Frog (Cassette only)

The Holiday and Others Songs (Cd and Record and Cassette)


Lights, Camera, Fiends

Top 10 Songs

Baby Pom Pom's Death (DVD and VHS)

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