A Cindrella/TTTE Parody.


  1. Jaq as Thomas
  2. Bruno as Edward
  3. The Duke as Henry
  4. The King as Gordon
  5. Prince Charming as James
  6. Gus as Percy
  7. Rafiki (from The Lion King) as Toby
  8. Lumiere (from Beauty and the Beast) as Duck
  9. Baloo (from The Jungle Book) as Donald
  10. Bagheera (from The Jungle Book) as Douglas
  11. Cogsworth (from Beauty and the Beast) as Oliver
  12. Scar (from The Lion King) as Diesel
  13. Chip (from Mickey Mouse) as Bill
  14. Dale (from Mickey Mouse) as Ben
  15. Thomas O'Malley (from The Aristocats) as BoCo
  16. Lady Tremaine as Daisy
  17. Mary Mouse as Mavis
  18. Tigger (from Winnie the Pooh) as Stepney
  19. Cinderella as Emily
  20. Young Simba (from The Lion King) as Bertie
  21. Uncle Waldo (from The Aristocats) as Salty
  22. Goofy (from Mickey Mouse) as Harvey
  23. Flotsam (from The Little Mermaid) as Arry
  24. Jetsam (from The Little Mermaid) as Bert
  25. Friend Owl (from Bambi) as Fergus
  26. Bashful (from Snow White) as Skarloey
  27. Sneezy (from Snow White) as Rheneas
  28. Grumpy (from Snow White) as Sir Handel
  29. Happy (from Snow White) as Peter Sam
  30. Sleepy (from Snow White) as Rusty
  31. Dopey (from Snow White) as Duncan
  32. Doc (from Snow White) as Duke
  33. White Rabbit (from Alice in Wonderland) as Freddie
  34. The Twins (from Peter Pan) as Mighty Mac
  35. Shere Khan (from The Jungle Book) as Smudger
  36. Mowgli (from The Jungle Book) as Arthur
  37. The Fairy Godmother as Lady
  38. Gaston (from Beauty and the Beast) as Diesel 10
  39. Pain (from Hercules) as Splatter
  40. Panic (from Hercules) as Dodge
  41. King Triton (from The Little Mermaid) as Sir Topham Hatt
  42. Queen Athena (from The Little Mermaid 3) as Lady Hatt
  43. Buzzie (from The Jungle Book) as Terence
  44. Horace Horsecollar (from Mickey Mouse) as Trevor
  45. Owl (from Winnie the Pooh) as Harold
  46. Pluto (from Mickey Mouse) as Toad
  47. Lucky (from The Jungle Book 2) as Derek
  48. Creeper (from The Black Cauldron) as Bulgy
  49. Lady Kluck (from Robin Hood) as Elizabeth
  50. Edgar (from The Aristocats) as George
  51. The Coachman (from Pinocchio) as The Diesel/D261
  52. Genie (from Aladdin) as Proteus
  53. Casey Junior (from Dumbo) as Bertram
  54. The Pike (from The Sword in the Stone) as Bulstrode
  55. Mr. Jumbo (from Dumbo) as Murdoch
  56. Lucifer as Spencer
  57. Sis (from Robin Hood) as Caroline
  58. Rabbit (from Winnie the Pooh) as Cranky
  59. Kaa (from The Jungle Book) as S.C. Ruffey
  60. Zeus (from Hercules) as Mr. Percival
  61. Captain Crocodile (from Robin Hood) as The Spiteful Breakvan
  62. Guards as Troublesome Trucks
  63. The Indians (from Peter Pan) as Coaches
  64. Mia (from Cars) as Annie
  65. Tia (from Cars) as Clarabel
  66. Shenzi (from The Lion King) as Lorry 1
  67. Banzai (from The Lion King) as Lorry 2
  68. Ed (from The Lion King) as Lorry 3
  69. Mary Poppins (from Mary Poppins) as Mrs. Kyndley
  70. Sir Kay (from The Sword in the Stone) as Jeremiah Jobling (The Man With the Bootlace)
  71. Pete (from Mickey Mouse) as The Barber
  72. The Queen (from Snow White) as The Stationmaster's Wife
  73. Fifi the Featherdust (from Beauty and the Beast) as Alicia Botti
  74. Nanny (from 101 Dalmatians) as Dowager Hatt
  75. Jasmine (from Aladdin) as Ms. Jenny Packard
  76. Amphytryon (from Hercules) as The Foreman
  77. Beast (from Beauty and the Beast) as Jack
  78. Dug (from Up) as Alfie
  79. Si (from Lady and the Tramp) as Max
  80. Am (from Lady and the Tramp) as Monty
  81. Snow White (from Snow White) as Isabella
  82. Trusty (from Lady and the Tramp) as Oliver (Pack)
  83. Cubby (from Peter Pan) as Ned
  84. Uncle Max (from The Lion King 1 1/2) as Byron
  85. Max (from Mickey Mouse) as Kelly
  86. King Louie (from The Jungle Book) as Patrick
  87. Rama (from The Jungle Book) as Nelson
  88. Ziggy (from The Jungle Book) as Buster
  89. Kanga (from Winnie the Pooh) as Old Slow Coach
  90. Scuttle (from The Little Mermaid) as Jeremy
  91. Drisella as Rosie
  92. Sulley (from Monsters Inc.) as Rocky
  93. Anastasia as Molly
  94. Mickey Mouse (from Mickey Mouse) as Whiff
  95. Timon (from The Lion King) as Scruff
  96. Dim (from A Bug's Life) as Hank
  97. Marie (from The Aristocats) as Flora
  98. Gepetto (from Pinocchio) as Hiro
  99. Sebastian (from The Little Mermaid) as Victor
  100. Flounder (from The Little Mermaid) as Kevin
  101. Ariel (from The Little Mermaid) as Henrietta
  102. Brer Rabbit (from Song of the South) as Stanley
  103. Little John (from Robin Hood) as Neville
  104. Otto (from Robin Hood) as Dennis
  105. Brer Bear (from Song of the South) as Hector
  106. Oliver (from Oliver and Company) as Billy
  107. Christopher Robin (from Winnie the Pooh) as Colin
  108. Skippy (from Robin Hood) as Charlie
  109. Huey (from Mickey Mouse) as Bash
  110. Dewey (from Mickey Mouse) as Dash
  111. Louie (from Mickey Mouse) as Ferdinand
  112. Adult Kovu (from The Lion King 2) as Captain
  113. The Clown (from Animaniacs) as Mr. Bubbles
  114. Mrs. Jumbo (from Dumbo) as Belle
  115. Red (from Cars) as Flynn
  116. Axel (from A Bug's Life) as Den
  117. Loco (from A Bug's Life) as Dart
  118. Iago (from Aladdin) as Norman
  119. Eliot (from Pete's Dragon) as Paxton
  120. LeFou (from Beauty and the Beast) as Sidney
  121. Taran (from The Black Cauldron) as Luke
  122. Laverne (from The Hunchback of Notre Dame) as Owen
  123. Hugo (from The Hunchback of Notre Dame) as Merrick
  124. Victor (from The Hunchback of Notre Dame) as Winston
  125. Dachsie (from Lady and the Tramp) as Stafford
  126. Hayabusa (from Mulan) as Tiger Moth


Season 1

  1. Jaq and The King/Jaq Gets Tricked
  2. Bruno and The King/Bruno Helps Out
  3. The Sad Story of The Duke/Come Out Duke!
  4. Bruno The King and The Duke/The Duke to the Rescue
  5. Jaq's Indians/A Big Day for Jaq
  6. Jaq and the Guards/Trouble for Jaq
  7. Jaq and the Breakdown Train/Jaq Saves The Day (S1)
  8. Prince Charming and the Indians/Prince Charming Learns a Lesson
  9. Troublesome Guards/Foolish Guards
  10. Prince Charming and the Express/A Proud Day for Prince Charming
  11. Jaq and the Guard/Jaq and the Conductor
  12. Jaq Goes Fishing
  13. Jaq Buzzie and the Snow/Buzzie the Vulture
  14. Jaq and Young Simba/Jaq and Young Simba's Great Race
  15. Big Characters and Turntables
  16. Trouble in Cinderella's Cheteau
  17. Gus Runs Away
  18. Medicine/The Duke's Special Medicine
  19. The Flying Kipper
  20. Whistles and Sneezes
  21. Rafiki and the Shout Gentleman/Rafiki the Mandrill
  22. Jaq in Trouble (S1)/Jaq Breaks the Rules
  23. Dirty Objects/Prince Charming in a Mess
  24. Off the Road/The King Takes a Dip
  25. Down the Mine
  26. Jaq's Christmas Party

Season 2

  1. Jaq Gus and the Coal/Double Trouble (S2)
  2. Cows/A Cow on the Line
  3. Young Simba's Chase
  4. Saved from Scrap
  5. Old Iron
  6. Jaq and Horace Horsecollar/A New Friend for Jaq
  7. Gus and the Signal
  8. Lumiere Takes Charge
  9. Gus and Owl/Gus Proves a Point
  10. The Runaway
  11. Gus Takes the Plunge
  12. Pop Goes Scar
  13. Dirty Work (S2)/Scar's Devious Deed
  14. A Close Shave/A Close Shave for Lumiere
  15. Better Late Than Never
  16. Captain Crocodile/Baloo and Bagheera
  17. The Deputation
  18. Jaq Comes to Breakfast
  19. Lady Tremaine
  20. Gus's Predicament
  21. The Catsel
  22. Wrong Road
  23. Bruno's Exploit
  24. Ghost Mouse/Gus's Ghostly Trick
  25. Woolly Bear
  26. Jaq and the Missing Christmas Tree

Season 3

  1. A Scarf for Gus
  2. Gus's Promis
  3. Time for Trouble
  4. The King and the Famous Visitor
  5. Baloo's Duck
  6. Jaq Gets Bumped
  7. Jaq Gus and the Witch
  8. Scar Does it Again
  9. The Duke's Forest
  10. The Trouble with Mud
  11. No Joke for Prince Charming
  12. Jaq Gus and the Post Train/Jaq Gus and the Mail Train
  13. Trust Jaq
  14. Mary Mouse
  15. Rafiki's Tightrope
  16. Bruno Horace Horsecollar and the Really Useful Party
  17. Buzz Buzz/Prince Charming Goes Buzz Buzz
  18. All at Sea
  19. One Good Turn
  20. Big Characters
  21. Escape
  22. Cogsworth Owens Up
  23. Creeper
  24. Heroes
  25. Gus Prince Charming and the Fruitful Day
  26. Jaq and Gus's Christmas Adventure/Jaq and Gus's Mountain Adventure

Season 4

  1. Granpuff
  2. Sleeping Beauty
  3. Bulldog
  4. You Can't Win
  5. Four Little Dwarves
  6. A Bad Day for Grumpy
  7. Happy and Mary Darling
  8. Guards!/Sleepy Helps Happy
  9. Home at Last
  10. Rock 'n' Roll
  11. Special Cap
  12. Edgar
  13. Passengers and Polish
  14. Gallant Old Dwarf/The Gallant Old Dwarf
  15. Sleepy to the Rescue
  16. Jaq and Tigger
  17. Tiger Stops Play
  18. Bowled Out
  19. The Duke and the Elephant
  20. Pluto Stands By
  21. Bull's Eye
  22. Jaq and the Special Letter
  23. Paint Pots and Queens/Jaq Meets the Queen
  24. Fish
  25. Special Attraction
  26. Mind that Bike

Season 5

  1. Rabbit Bugs
  2. Horrid Hyena
  3. A Better View for The King
  4. Queen Athena's Birthday Party
  5. Prince Charming and the Trouble with Trees
  6. The King and the Gremlin
  7. Bye Edagr!
  8. Baa!
  9. Put Upon Gus
  10. Rafiki and the Flood
  11. Haunted Duke
  12. Double Teething Troubles
  13. Tigger Gets Lost
  14. Rafiki's Discovery
  15. Something in the Air
  16. Jaq Gus and Kanga
  17. Jaq and the Rumours
  18. Cogsworth's Find
  19. Happy Ever After
  20. King Triton's Holiday
  21. A Surprise for Gus/A Big Surprise for Gus
  22. Make Someone Happy
  23. Busy Going Backwards
  24. Dopey Gets Spooked
  25. Sleepy and the Boulder
  26. Snow

Season 6

  1. Uncle Walso's Secret
  2. Goofy to the Rescue
  3. No Sleep for Rabbit
  4. A Bad Day for Owl the Bird/A Bad Day for Owl
  5. Lady Kluck the Vintage Hen
  6. The Fogman
  7. Best Jumps In
  8. A Friend in Need
  9. It's Only Snow
  10. Twin Trouble
  11. The World's Strongest Lion
  12. Scaredy Characters
  13. Gus and the Haunted Mine
  14. Middle Mouse
  15. Prince Charming and the Red Balloon
  16. Jack Frost
  17. The King Takes a Tumble
  18. Gus's Chocolate Crunch
  19. Hand Bother
  20. Rafiki Had a Little Lamb
  21. Jaq Gus and the Squeak
  22. Jaq the Jet Mouse/Jaq and the Jet Engine
  23. Bruno the Very Useful Dog/Bruno the Very Useful Dog
  24. Dunkin' Dopey
  25. Sleepy to the Rescue
  26. Faulty Whistles

Season 7

  1. Cinderella's New Indians
  2. Gus Gets it Right
  3. Chip Dale and Friend Owl
  4. The Old Bridge/The Old Iron Bridge
  5. Bruno's Alley Cats
  6. What's the Matter with Duke?
  7. Prince Charming and the Queen of Kingdom
  8. Mary Darling's Tea Shop/Mary Darling's Stand
  9. The Spotless Record
  10. Rafiki's Windmill/Rafiki and the Windmill
  11. Bad Day at Castle Loch
  12. Sneezy and the Roller Coaster
  13. Uncle Waldo's Stormy Tale
  14. Snow Clock/Cogsworth the Snow Clock
  15. Something Fishy
  16. The Runaway Elephant
  17. Peace and Quiet
  18. Friend Owl Breaks the Rules/Jaq and the Search for Friend Owl
  19. Creeper Walks Again
  20. Owl and the Flying Horse
  21. The Grand Opening
  22. Best Dressed King
  23. The King and Lucifer
  24. Not So Hasty Puddings/Not So Hasty Cakes
  25. Trusty Sleepy
  26. Three Cheers for Jaq/Hooray for Jaq

Season 8

  1. Jaq and the Tuba
  2. Gus's New Whistle
  3. Jaq to the Rescue
  4. The Duke and the Wishing Tree
  5. Prince Charming Gets a New Coat
  6. Jaq Saves the Day (S8)
  7. Gus's Big Mistake
  8. Jaq Cinderella and the Snowplough
  9. Don't Tell Jaq
  10. Cinderella's New Route
  11. Jaq and the Firework Display
  12. The King Takes Charge
  13. Spic and Span
  14. Bruno the Great
  15. Squeak Rattle and Roll
  16. Jaq and the Circus
  17. Jaq Gets It Right
  18. As Goos as The King
  19. Fish
  20. Cinderella's Adventure
  21. Halloween
  22. You Can Do It Rafiki!
  23. Chickens to School
  24. Too Hot for Jaq
  25. Prince Charming Goes Too Far
  26. Gus and the Magic Carpet

Season 9

  1. Gus and the Oil Painting
  2. Jaq and the Rainbow
  3. Anastasia's Special Special
  4. Jaq' Milkshake Muddle
  5. The Twins
  6. Jaq and the Toy Shop
  7. Respect for The King
  8. Jaq and the Birthday Picnic
  9. Tuneful Toots
  10. Sneezy and the Dinosaur
  11. Jaq and the New Bear
  12. Rafiki Feels Left Out
  13. Jaq Tries His Best
  14. The Magic Lamp
  15. Jaq and the Statue
  16. The Duke and the Flagpole
  17. Cinderella Knows Best
  18. Jaq' Day Off
  19. Jaq' New Guards
  20. Dopey and the Haunted Mine
  21. Bold and Brave
  22. Bashful the Brave
  23. Saving Bruno
  24. Jaq and the Golden Eagle
  25. Keeping up with Prince Charming
  26. Flour Power

Season 10

  1. Follow That Flour
  2. A Smooth Ride
  3. Jaq and the Seagull
  4. Gus and the Funfair/Gus and the Carnival
  5. The Green King
  6. Dopey Drops a Clanger
  7. Jaq' Tricky Tree
  8. Rafiki's Afternoon Off
  9. It's Good to be The King
  10. Seeing the Sights
  11. White Rabbit
  12. Rafiki's New Tree
  13. Bruno Strikes Out
  14. Topped Off Jaq
  15. Which Way Now?
  16. Jaq and the Shooting Star
  17. Big Strong Duke
  18. Sticky Toffee Jaq/Sticky Taffy Jaq
  19. Wharf and Peace
  20. Jaq' Frosty Friend
  21. Cinderella and the Special Indians/Cinderella and the Special Guards
  22. Jaq and the Colours
  23. Jaq and the Birthday Mail
  24. Dopey's Bluff
  25. Missing Guards
  26. Jaq and the Treasure
  27. Prince Charming the Second Best
  28. Jaq and Bashful's Big Day Out

Season 11

  1. Jaq and the Storyteller
  2. Cinderella's Rubbish/Cinderella and the Garbage
  3. Dream On
  4. Dirty Work (S11)
  5. Brer Bear the Horrid
  6. The King and the Engineer/The King and the Mechanic
  7. Jaq and the Spaceship
  8. The Duke's Lucky Day
  9. Jaq and the Lighthouse
  10. Jaq and the Bing Bang
  11. Smoke and Mirrors
  12. Jaq Sets Sail
  13. Don't Be Silly Oliver
  14. Bruno and the Mail
  15. Hide and Peep
  16. Rafiki's Triumph
  17. Jaq and the Runaway Car
  18. Jaq in Trouble (S11)
  19. Jaq and the Stinky Cheese
  20. Gus and the Left Luggage/Gus and the Baggage
  21. Dopey Does it All
  22. Grumpy in Charge
  23. Cool Guardings
  24. Ding-a-Ling
  25. Bashful Storms Through
  26. Wash Behind Your Hands

Season 12

  1. Jaq and the Billboard
  2. Steady Bruno
  3. Drisella's Funfair Special/Drisella's Carnival Special
  4. Mountain Marvel
  5. The Duke Gets it Wrong
  6. Heave Ho Jaq!
  7. Rafiki's Special Surprise
  8. Excellent Cinderella
  9. The Party Surprise
  10. Saved You!
  11. Dopey and the Hot Air Balloon
  12. Prince Charming Works It Out
  13. Kitten Trouble
  14. Don't Go Back
  15. The King Takes a Shortcut
  16. The Man in the Hills
  17. Jaq Puts the Shoes On
  18. Gus and the Bandstand
  19. Push Me Pull You
  20. Best Friends

Season 13

  1. Creaky Rabbit
  2. The Lion of Kingdom
  3. Tickled Green
  4. Double Trouble (S13)
  5. Slippy Kingdom
  6. The Early Bird
  7. Play Time
  8. Jaq and the Pigs
  9. Time For a Story
  10. Gus's Parcel
  11. Rafiki's New Whistle
  12. A Blooming Mess
  13. Jaq and the Runaway Kite
  14. Steamy Kingdom
  15. Splish Splash Splosh!
  16. The Biggest Present of All
  17. Snow Roads
  18. The Duke's Good Deeds
  19. Buzzy Bees
  20. Gepetto Helps Out

Season 14

  1. Jaq' Tall Friend
  2. Prince Charming in the Dark
  3. Pingy Pongy Pick Up
  4. Skippy and Bruno
  5. Rafiki and the Whistling Woods
  6. The Duke's Health and Safety
  7. Scar's Special Delivery
  8. Pop Goes Jaq
  9. Sebastian Says Yes
  10. Jaq in Charge
  11. Being Gus
  12. Merry Winter Wish
  13. Jaq and the Snowman Party
  14. Jaq' Crazy Day
  15. Jumping Shirts
  16. Jaq and Timon
  17. O the Indignity
  18. Jitters and Japes
  19. Merry Misty Island
  20. The Duke's Magic Box

Season 15

  1. The King and Louie
  2. Rafiki and Huey
  3. Cinderella and Dewey
  4. Gus's New Friends
  5. Bruno the Hero
  6. Prince Charming to the Rescue
  7. Happy Gepetto
  8. Up Up and Away!
  9. The Duke's Happy Medicine
  10. Let it Snow
  11. Surprise Surprise
  12. Lucifer the Guard
  13. Stop that Lion Cub!
  14. Stuck on You
  15. Big Mrs. Jumbo
  16. Flounder the Character
  17. Wonky Whistle
  18. Gus the Snowman
  19. Tree Trouble
  20. Firey Red

Season 16

  1. Race to the Rescue
  2. Ol' Wheezy Wobbles
  3. Express Coming Through
  4. Gus and the Monster of The Garden
  5. Ho Ho Snowman
  6. Flash Bang Wallop!
  7. Jaq and the Rubbish Mouse/Jaq and the Garbage Mouse
  8. Jaq Toots the Crows
  9. Bust My Hands!
  10. Gus and the Calliope
  11. Jaq and the Sounds of Kingdom
  12. Uncle Waldo's Surprise
  13. Kingdom Surprise Day
  14. Cinderella's Winter Party Special
  15. Muddy Matters
  16. Mikey's Wish
  17. Welcome Dachsie
  18. Don't Bother Sebastian
  19. Happy Birthday King Triton
  20. The Christmas Express


  1. Jaq and the Magic Land
  2. Calling of Characters
  3. Jaq and the Great Discovery
  4. Hero of the Road
  5. Misty Island Rescue
  6. Day of the Villians
  7. Blue Mountain Mystery

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