Name: Jaraserosa Vinseaghda
Alias: Nighthawk
Race: Human
Birthplace: Naboo
Residence: Coruscant
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Hobbies: Hunting, acrobatics, Teräs Käsi, meditation, teasing men
Affiliation: Republic, Followers of Palawa
Side of the Force: Light, but to no extreme
Occupation: Privateer, bounty hunter, (animal) hunter, student of Teräs Käsi
Force Affinity: 2.5

Physical Description

Jara has pretty, pale milky skin. Her wavy dark brown hair falls halfway down her back which is usually worn in a large neat braid that by the end of the day ends up messy. She had dark brown innocent-looking eyes, a cute button nose and has slight dimples when she smiles. She has a thin, athletic body with muscular arms. She is five feet, three inches tall at 106lbs. Also, she has scars on her upper right thigh and right shoulder, the former from a duel and the latter from a blaster.

Her usual outfit: a loose, ragged, short-sleeved beige tunic that hangs off the shoulders and cuts off above the belly-button worn over a black cami; brown rugged capris; brown “Roman” sandals (with laces worn criss-crossed around ankles); and a black leather holster belt. She also carries around a large cream, knit hobo bag across her torso that her mother made for her.

Bounty Hunting: black head sash; black veil that covers everything from the nose down to the chin (bounty hunting); dull, black leather halter top with an underlying mesh protective layer; black leather and cotorsis fingerless gauntlets and bracers; dull, black leather pants that cut off at the mid-shin; and cute, black round-toed slippers made for running, jumping, and the sort.

Psychological Description

Hunting and training in the martial art of Teräs Käsi has done much to shape Jara’s personality. She seeks one thing in life– a bull’s-eye, and in everyday life that translates into success. Jara is extremely confident, self-sufficient, optimistic, ambitious, athletic and adventurous. Her intense take-no-prisoners nature can be contributed to her being very goal-oriented and determined. Once she puts her mind to something there is no giving up. Given her survivalist-ic lifestyle, there is little time for relaxing, except during meditation, night time carousing and archery practice which give her great peace of mind; this makes her seem rather harsh and unbending at times. She can also be quite paranoid, especially after most recent attempts on taking her life have been made.

Favored Force Uses

She is aware of her slight Force sensitivity but also knows she could never be a Jedi. She can only sense its presence, whether disturbed or calm, while meditating.


Naboo blasters: modified for pin-point accuracy and stunning their victims. Upgraded with range-finding scopes.

Ascension gun: actually a grappling hook integrated into the body of a blaster; made by her brother. Shoots up to 22 meters high and levitates its user.

Energy shields: to protect from blaster fire or melee damage.

Laser Archbow: truly a unique weapon. Similar to the Wookie bowcaster but built and handled like a true bow, requiring an archer’s strength, focus, and accuracy. Angular design resembles a diamond and has decorative diamond pieces on ends of the bow. When the drawstring is pulled back a surge of energy charges the weapon between the midpoint of the drawstring and the energy converter just above the grip; the weapon is activated by swiping the thumb along a sensor on the side. When released, it shoots a powerful laser beam, anywhere from 100-150% more powerful than that of a blaster carbine or heavy blaster. The further back the drawstring is pulled the farther it goes, and the longer it is held the more powerful the beam is. A special finger grip on the drawstring prevents the archer from shocking himself when charging up. Weighs 9lbs. and is 4ft. 6in. long. Sturdy, nifty design allows bow to fold in half for portability. Uses bow primarily when hunting, which recently hasn't been very often.


Jara is quite proficient with a blaster and treasures hers dearly. She's also a great archer, when she has the time, and higly prefers hand-to-hand combat over melee.


If a job pays enough money, is legal and isn't too immoral, Jara will take the job (she plans on saving up for a condo by the sea one day). After her boyfriend's death, she has become open to almost any men and welcomes their company, and if they're charming enough, they could probably get her to do things she wouldn't normally do. As mentioned before, melee combat is not her thing, though she is capable of avoiding and redirecting melee attacks.


Jara was born to parents of peculiar backgrounds. Her mother Loona was a direct victim of Palawa during the great battle between light and dark. The Jedi regretted having to bombard the planet, but they had no choice because of an evil that had surfaced upon it (it is ambiguous as to what this evil was exactly, though, possibly the Sith; the Palawan’s history is rather sketchy). As a result, Loona joined the Followers of Palawa that moved to the planet of Bunduki and began to train in the martial art of Teräs Käsi, which they invented to protect themselves from fallen Jedi if the need should rise. These Followers of Palawa practiced in secret and kept their plans to themselves so that they were virtually unknown throughout the galaxy. She was one of the several people to help develop the first advancements of the art. It would take generations to completely perfect it, so for now everyone was learning and teaching together. Jara’s father Ohar, on the other hand, was a hunter born on Tatooine. He had made a name for himself and one of his partners having killed an infant Krayt Dragon, still of great size, together.

Loona eventually left Bunduki to make a new life for herself and get away from the continuous practice of Teräs Käsi. She moved to Naboo because of its natural serenity, a perfect place to practice her martial art. Upon her arrival on the planet is when she met Ohar on the docks. Even though Ohar had came to Naboo to visit relatives, he could not ignore Loona’s beauty and her peaceful, graceful nature. He invited her to his relatives’ place for lunch that day. Although Loona found it odd that he’d invite someone he didn’t know, she accepted his offer; she could gather some information from the locals about life on Naboo.

Loona and Ohar continued to see each other for the next two years. Ohar started to hunt in the forests of Naboo while Loona went into the tailoring buisiness; she was fairly good at knitting and sewing, things she often did in her free time. She had not yet told Ohar about her past and her training, but she knew she would when the time was right. Even with this secret, she would continue to train herself and even modify aspects of the art, hoping to bring back her new ideas to her world one day. Eventually, the two got married and had twins, a girl and a boy, whom they named Jaraserosa and Sigirad (Jara and Sigi).

At a young age it was easy to tell where the twins’ talents lied. Jara was very energetic, constantly moving around, doing things such as balancing on her head for minutes on end, doing cartwheels and pretending to fight her twin brother. Contrastingly, Sigi liked to keep to himself, collect various odds-and-ends and put them all together into one grand concoction; one time he built a miniature rock-launching device when he was five and tested on his bedroom window, which broke. He was always determined to build bigger and better things.

One day the twins were playing a game of pazzak together, and Jara found Sigi to be cheating while she wasn’t looking. She immediately jumped on him and started to punch the daylights out of him. Their parents heard them screaming and shouting and found Sigi crying, saying how he didn’t want to fight his sister back because he would hurt her. After hearing this, Jara settled down a bit and seemed a little heart-warmed at the thought of her brother caring about her. Loona decided this would be a good time to tell her family about her past…

“Jara?” said Loona with that disapproving parental tone.

“Hm?” sighed Jara, not looking at her mother.

“You know what you did was wrong. You need to apologize to your brother.”

“Sorry Sigi. I didn’t know you couldn’t fight.”

Ohar laughed his way out of the room.

“Ohar,” began Loona. “Get back in here this instant.”

“Can you believe this? Where’d she get that from?” he asked with amusement. After a dark glance from his wife, he grew more serious. “Your mother’s right, Jars. You shouldn’t hurt your brother. It’s a bad thing.”

“Don’t call me that, Poppy.” She scrunched up her face.

“I, too, can fight!” shouted Sigi. He crossed his little arms with disgust.

“You know, sometimes it is a good thing to know how to fight, but fighting should only be used in self-defense. Never, ever use it to hurt someone because you’re angry at them or don’t like them.” There was a short silence.

“Can you teach me to fight, Madie?” asked Sigi rather guiltily.

“Oh, Sigi.” Loona took up her son in her arms. “You know something? I think I can. I can teach you both to fight.”

“Since when?” joked Ohar. He had no clue what she was capable of.

“Have I ever told you about my childhood?” Loona asked her children. They innocently shook their heads.

“You sure as heck never told me!” shouted Ohar.

“There’s a reason for that, Ohar, so sit. We’ll have a little story time.” Everyone gathered around Loona, including Ohar. She pulled up a stool and took a deep breath. “Way back before your time, there was a great war. The bravest most valiant warriors fought in it, both good and bad.”

“What’s valiant mean?” asked Sigi.

“It’s just a another word for brave.” Sigi sighed with satisfaction. “Unfortunately, many of the evil warriors were rooted on the planet that my family lived on. The good warriors wanted to put an end to their evil ways, so they had to attack the planet. Many, many people died, most of them normal people, just like you and me.” Jara’s face seemed rather shocked while Sigi’s was thoughtful. “I was one of the few survivors. My father died, but my mother still lives.” Everyone was quiet for a moment; they all had frowns on their faces.

“What were the good warriors like, Madie?” asked Jara with interest.

“Well…They were much more powerful than the evil ones. They carried swords of light that could melt through anything, really. They could also use a mystical power called the Force.”

“Wow…” cooed Jara with wide eyes.

“Impossible,” declared Sigi. “There’s no such thing as magic.”

“Well, whatever it was,” continued Loona. “The Jedi had it, and it seemed magical enough.”

“Well,” began Sigi. “What kinda powers did they have?”

“Could they fly?” Jara asked.

“Haha, well, almost. They could jump great distances through the air. They could also push objects using their Force powers, without touching them.”

“No way!” exclaimed Jara.

“I bet they used optical illusions,” replied Sigi smuggly.

“Oh, no. People don’t just fly through the air all of the sudden, Sigi. What they had was real. Even though the Jedi were good people trying to do good things for the galaxy, the people who survived the attack weren’t so convinced. They hated the Jedi because of what they did.”

“But hate is baaaad,” said Jara.

“Well, let’s just say they were very angry at the Jedi. Anyways, the survivors got together on a world called…well, a new world, and they got together and created a form of combat that they could use to protect themselves from the Jedi if anything like that were to happen again. This fighting wasn’t like regular fighting where you just punch your brother in the cheek because you were mad, though.” Jara looked down shamefully. “It was a tactful, or accurate, way of fighting. Anyone could do it. Little people could fight big people and win, and big people could fight even bigger people and win.”

“So can they make things fly through the air, too?” asked Sigi.

“No. They only try to center themselves, to, mm…find balance within themselves while they fight.” The children looked at Loona with confused looks on their faces. “They used natural forces and energy to read their opponents and predict their next moves, redirect their attacks and use their attacks to follow through with even more powerful ones.”

“This sounds a lot like the Echani, Loona,” interrupted Ohar.

“It’s more spiritual, though, but similar in a way, I guess. It’s also a bit more aggressive.”

“I still don’t understand,” Sigi whined.

“Me, neither,” agreed Jara.

With a sigh, Loona went on, “That’s okay. You know why it’s okay?” The children shook their heads. “My mother and I learned how to fight like this, and, well…I plan to teach you, too.”

“What? Oh, wicked!” Jara exclaimed.

“No way!” shouted Sigi.

“Well, this is a lot to take in…” Ohar said quietly.

“Oh, boy! Can we start now, Madie, pleeeease?” begged Jara.

“Well, you have to understand that this way of fighting requires a lot of concentration, patience, and control of the body and mind.”

“Sure, whatever. I can do it. Let’s go!” Jara ran out of the room into the living room. Sigi followed.

“Decisive…I see where she gets that from,” remarked Ohar.

“Hey,” she said approaching him. “Is this going to be okay with you?”

“What, the training or the fact that I never knew about your past? Sure, go ahead. Train the little squirts, and leave me in the dark…Only if you let me teach ‘em to hunt, though.”

“Deal. Ohar, we’ll talk more about this later, I promise…”

So Jara and Sigi learned to hunt and fight, starting that day, on their sixth birthday. Jara picked up rather quickly on the moves her mother taught her; she had very quick reflexes. After a while she began to develop her own flare, adding random acrobatic movements. Sigi was better at hunting with blasters, but not as good as his sister, though. He was much better at dissembling weapons and putting them back together again. Soon enough he’d learn how they worked and how to modify them himself. One thing Loona asked her children, though, was to never use their Teräs Käsi teachings outside of the home until she felt they would need to and to never share the art with anyone, unless they had kids of their own.

One day, when the twins were eight, Jara came into her brother’s room and found him working on something, or rather fiddling around. He didn’t seem too pleased with it…

“What are you making now?” she asked.

“Eh, I don’t know. It’s a piece of junk.” He tossed an arc-shaped metal rod to the floor. It had some sort of flexible wire strung from end-to-end.

“Hey, I think it looks kinda cool.” Jara bent down to pick up the object. She plucked its wire softly. “Ha, makes a funny noise.”

“That’s about all it does,” admitted Sigi with discontent.

“Wait, I know!” She ran across the room and dug through one of Sigi’s boxes labeled ‘useless junk’ and pulled out a stick. “You can use it to shoot stuff, you see?”

Sigi’s face scrunched up. Then, he smiled. “Brilliant, Jara! I knew there were two of us for a reason!” He tried to take it back from her, but she wouldn’t let him.

“I don’t think so,” she said tauntingly. “My idea.”

“My invention!”

Jara held up the arched rod in her right hand, held the stick in her left hand and brought it up to the wire. She pulled back on it with the stick, aiming for a pillow, then let it fly across the room, poking the center of the pillow on Sigi’s bed. “Wicked.”

“Hey, that’s cool. Let me try!” Sigi took the arched rod from his sister then retrieved the stick. He aimed for the same pillow but got nowhere close to it. He was off by at least two feet. He handed it back to Jara with a scowl on his face. “I’ll just stick to making things.”

“Hey, while you’re sulking at your work desk, do you mind helping me make a better one? We’ll call it…the archbow.”

Over a good amount of time, Sigi and Jara were able to develop, and would continue to develop, a bow that was suitable to use while hunting small animals. It could shoot as far as twenty yards. Sigi even made a set of arrows for Jara to use. Jara would practice with her bow everyday, sometimes more than she practiced hunting with regular weapons. She noticed how wobbly her stick-like arrows would fly through the air, so Sigi suggested putting tiny wings on the non-arrowhead ends of them of some sort. Jara decided to use bird feathers, so they went on a hunt together to retrieve some. That day Jara had shot down the most beautiful all-black bird she had ever seen; it almost made her cry that she did so. Its feathers were pitch black and awfully shiny. She used some of its feathers on her arrows and started a collection of bird feathers, being drawn to their rich, dark beauty.

While Jara was out hunting one day with her archbow her mother was watching her from a distance. Jara wanted to show her mother how her and Sigi’s invention worked. Loona noticed how tall and straight she stood, how gracefully Jara was able to shoot her targets. Jara would take a deep breath and hold it before releasing an arrow. Doing so seemed to increase her accuracy. Loona figured she adopted that from her Teräs Käsi teachings when she taught Jara how to use controlled breaths to better focus herself. She also noticed how Jara would bring the drawstring all the way back to her shoulder, sort of putting herself inside of the bow. Loona was amazed by her daughter’s new-found joy. She encouraged her to develop, and hopefully one day perfect, her archery skills and perhaps turn it into an art form, like Teräs Käsi.

When the twins were sixteen their parents encouraged them to start thinking about their future careers. Sigi wanted to go to some sort of tech school; he was interested in crafting weaponry. Jara had heard about bounty hunting and was interested. Her father thought it was too dangerous a business and advised her to look into something else. Instead, then, Jara settled to be a hunter like her father. Secretly, Jara was interested in dueling and, still, bounty hunting; for now she’d just do what her father asked of her. Later, she’d find out more about dueling and get into it for some extra money and fun. As Loona and Ohar would soon find out, the twins shared a common interest: money. Sigi wanted to be able to build things using the best material available so he could one day open his own business and sell quality weaponry, and Jara just wanted the money to spend on carousing at night, a nice place to live when she was on her on, or whatever.

As it turns out, Sigi attended a tech school on Coruscant when he turned seventeen to learn more about the current technology of the day. Jara claimed that she would go to the planet of Onderon and learn to conquer tougher beasts, but she, too, went to Coruscant. Both put a halt on their Teräs Käsi teachings for a while. Before she left, though, she asked her mother to make her a custom outfit that she could use for “working out”: dull leather halter top and pants that cut off at the lower calf, a half-veil, a head sash and some flexible durable slippers, all which were black. Of course, her mother was a little suspicious for her reasons of wanting such an outfit, but Jara had her secret reasons. When she arrived on Coruscant she sought out lower parts of the city to get an inside scoop on any dueling rings that existed and the bounty hunting business. Of course, when she asked around about the former she got quiet a few laughs and snorts, as she was seemingly incapable of being successful in that field being a woman of 5’3”. She’d soon prove them wrong.

Dueling, non-death matches, was popular in the lower regions of Coruscant, and there were only five duelists worth mentioning: Jay La’ola, a Twi’lek who used blasters, Quoontak Lonon, a Rodian that also used blasters only, Kalara Sheyreon, a female Zabrak that used melee or hand-to-hand combat, Cardo Noo, a human who used blasters or melee weapons, and finally Zhe’zhe Kumba, a Bothan who used it all but was best at hand-to-hand; Jay was the lowest-skilled top five duelist and Zhe’zhe the reigning champion on Coruscant. Now, Jara had never been trained in melee combat, but her mother was a little and she taught Jara how to block and dodge most melee attacks. Jara was ready to jump in, but before she could do that she needed a signature look and a name to call herself by. That’s where the outfit she had asked her mother to make came in hand, and for her nickname she decided on Nighthawk , partly because she only planned to duel at night and partly because she wore all black.

Getting to the top wouldn’t be easy, though. Jara was considered a fresh newbie, so she’d have to start from the very bottom, with the other forty-or-so duelists registered in the dueling tournaments, most of them blaster users. Opponent by opponent, Jara eased her way in the ranks within a half year. Her first twenty opponents were surprisingly easy; she had yet to loose a battle. Then came her twenty-eighth battle, which she lost to her first melee combatant. He wielded a double-bladed vibrosword which made her somewhat intimidated; she had let her fears get the best of her. The second time around, though, she got herself together both mentally and physically and learned from her mistakes. After getting sliced in the right thigh before, she was determined not to ever be touched or defeated by a melee opponent again. This time she won the duel, leaving her opponent crippled out of anger.

In the off-time Jara traveled off planet to do some hunting, but while she stayed on Coruscant she made good of the nightlife. Over time, she became one a hot attraction in the local cantina as a dancer. From waitress she moved on to a dancer. Then, she moved on to pole dancing, and from pole dancing she moved on to “specialized lap dancing,” something she only offered to a select few men; it was nothing more than a tease. She has yet to take it to the next level and doesn't really plan to. Hey, whatever brought in the money…

Finally, back in the dueling business Jara got to Jay La’ola; she was now nineteen. Luckily, Jara had always had quick reflexes which allowed her to best her blaster opponents before they could shoot her, whether or not they were accurate shooters or not. She moved on to Quoontak, using the same approach. Next was Kalara, her first hand-to-hand combatant; she beat her after a long, drawn-out show of might-for-might with an unforeseen round-house kick to the back of the head. Then, she dueled against Cardo, who chose to use melee weapons because he knew she could not use this method against him. They put on a great show that night: Cardo was an excellent swordsman, pulling out all the tricks he knew on Jara, while she dodged all of his slashes with leaps and flips, occasionally getting in a kick or punch. Her longest and toughest battle yet, Jara was able to pull through with dexterity and tact. Now, it was time to face the Great Zhe’zhe, as fans liked to call him; hasn’t been beaten in twenty years…

Jara entered the ring, her blasters set in their holsters and her mind cool, calm, and focused. Her breathing was slow and steady, as she always kept it. Even during battles her breathing rate would only speed up a few breaths per minute. It was the way her mother had taught her to fight.

“And now…The moment you’ve all been waiting for. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…You’ve seen him before, time and time and time and time and time again! What else can you say about the man? He’s invincible, or is he? Hahaha…Well, tonight’s duel will determine that, now won’t it? I give you the Great Zhe’zhe!” Wild applause filled the arena.

“And on the other side of the arena is a relative newcomer, but she’s made quite the name for herself, no? The first since Zhe’zhe to get up in the ranks in such a short amount of time. Quick, precise, and as cool as ice. She lurks by day and duels by night. I give you the one, the only…Nighthawk!” More applause sounded. “Duelists– in your places!”

Zhe’zhe stood confidently on the other side of the ring with his two vibrowsords in hand, smiling viciously. Jara smiled and took a deep breath; she had watched him many-a time. He used intimidation over all else and only attacked every so often. She was ready for this.


The two duelists stared at each other, neither willing to make the first move. Jara decided to saunter into the center of the ring. She stood with one hand on her hip, the other dangling. “Don’t tell me you‘ve forgotten how to fight already?” she taunted.

“You speak with too much confidence, human. I shall end this as swiftly as you entered the ring.”

“You’ll have to scare me a little more than that, Zhe. I’m not a little girl, you see.”

“Oh, you’re right. You’re a little woman. Pardon me,” he said, giving her a mock bow. The crowd made ‘boo’-ing noises.

“Looks can be deceiving, Zhe. Very deceiving…” She began to walk in a circle around him.

“Fight already!” shouted someone in the audience.

Zhe’zhe began to chuckle to himself. “Alright, if it’s a duel you want, it’s a duel you’ll get.” He whirled his swords around in his hands several times, watching as Jara continued to circle him, weaponless. Suddenly, he lashed out at her. Jara was quicker then he thought, for she had already rolled over backwards, landing in a very low, wide Riding Bantha stance. “Nice little acrobatic move. I hope you don’t think you can keep that up for long.”

“Who knows…” Jara took slow steps backwards as Zhe’zhe approached her. “Come and get me, Zhe.”

“It’s the Great Zhe to you, human.” He seemed a little annoyed by her comment. Zhe came forward with a series of attacks, twirling here and jabbing there. He almost came close to getting her side. The crown gasped.

“Close, but no spice for you,” she said, wiggling her index finger at him.

“You think you’re funny, don’t you?” he asked, then immediately attacked. Jara leapt into the side in a roll.

“Getting a little testy, are we Zhe?” He swung at her again, barely missing, again. Jara swept down on the ground and delivered a sweep kick, sending Zhe flying onto his back with a loud thump. He dropped his swords on either side of him, and attempted to go for one. Jara stomped upon his wrist and kicked the sword aside. He went for the other, but she did the same. “I don’t think so.” All of the sudden, Zhe kicked her forcefully behind the knee, and she fell to the ground. Zhe stood up about to attack her, but then she popped up too, taking monitored breaths.

“Enough!” he shouted. Soon enough the real fight started. Zhe’s style of fighting was much more like street-fighting than anything else, but he was good at it. He bounced back and forth on his feet; Jara swayed on hers. For a while they were both blocking each other’s hits, but then Zhe miss-anticipated one of Jara’s. She used this moment to throw in an elbow to his side, surprising him. Then, she delivered a series of punches and kicks, ending with a powerful two-fisted blow she called the Twin Arrow to his torso ((Tekken=inspiration!)). Zhe fell helpless to the ground and didn’t get back up. There was silence in the arena.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new champ! Let’s here it for Nighthawk!” The crowd burst out in hoots and hollers. Meanwhile, medics came in to carry out the Great Zhe.

“This ain’t over, Nighthawk. It ain’t over!” She knew Zhe’zhe would want a re-match, so she’d make him wait a while for it, or just not come back at all.

Having become the new Coruscant duel champ, Jara had attracted a lot of unexpected attention. A local Hutt by the name of Bodda who only issued out legal bounties sent one of his men to gain her interest; he needed some new talent to fetch those who were on his hit list. Keeping with her Blackhawk identity, she told him about her hunting background and her natural desire to hunt, all the more convincing him that she could be the next man for the job. He gave her an easy bounty to start out with. “Being a great duelist don’t make you a great bounty hunter,” he had told her, and he was right. Bounty hunting was a discreet business. The less people knew about its details the better, so there would be no cheering crowds for her this time, only money.

Jara’s jobs included capturing or killing everything from cheap weasels that refused to pay the government, or Bodda, money back to some seriously wanted criminals. As Jara became more experienced with her jobs, she also became more creative. How could anyone tell if she was the actual collector of the bounty of a dead man? First of all, the victim would have been killed at night, and second of all he/she would have had a large black feather left in his/her hand from her childhood collection; this was the Blackhawk trademark.

Over the past few years Jara and Sigi had been keeping tabs with one another but rarely got to visit each other, so Sigi decided to pay her a surprise visit at her fairly new condo. When he did, he came with a rather large package all wrapped up so that she couldn’t really tell what it was…

"Go ahead,” Sigi prodded. “Rip it open!”

With a look of curiosity and a grand smile, Jara did just that. Sigi couldn’t help but picture her as the little enthusiastic girl she used to be. Finally, she got the wrapper off. As far as she could tell, it was just another one of Sigi’s crazy inventions. Whatever it was, she could tell it was folded in half. “Wha-what is it?” she said with a laugh.

“You see those two buttons on either side of that end over there?” he pointed out. “Push them together and hold them for a few seconds. Push kinda hard, though.”

Jara pressed the two black buttons simultaneously and held them. All of the sudden, the two halves of the object began to separate and open from the opposite side where her fingers were. She held the buttons until it completely opened, and she finally recognized what it was. As the ends had opened up, a strong, flexible wire that connected the two ends revealed itself. She couldn’t believe it–it was a high-tech archbow. “Whoa…Sigi, did you make this? What have they been teaching you at tech school? This-this is amazing!” Obviously, she was overjoyed with her present.

“It’s amazing what you can learn in five years, isn’t it? This was actually a little something I did on the side, so no one but you knows anything about it.”

Jara nodded. “Wait…Where are the arrows?”

“Well, that’s what’s so cool about this–there are none.” Jara raised an eyebrow. “Here,” he said, taking back the weapon. “Look here–this is where it’s all at. When you turn this girl on she charges right up.”


“No, no, I mean really. Just run your thumb across this sensor, right here, and it powers up. But keep your other hand on this grip on the drawstring. Don’t put it in the middle, ever.” He handed it back to Jara for her to try. She held it up and ran her right thumb across the sensor, and suddenly bolts of energy began to jump back and forth between her hands so fast that it looked like one straight beam.

“Oh my goodness!” she shouted.

“It won’t hurt you. Just keep you fingers where I told you to, and you’ll be fine. Anyways, it works just like the other one we made, only it shoots laser beams, and it folds in half.”

Jara turned it back off. “Well, I can’t use it in here…How far can it shoot?”

“Well…” Sigi began to tense up. “Frankly, I have no clue. Theoretically, it should be able to shoot as far as 80 yards, but…”

“We can go back to Naboo and see mom and dad,” she interrupted. “We can try it out there.”

And they did go back to Naboo for a while. Jara never told her parents that she was a bounty hunter, though. Instead, she made up a story about her amazing hunting adventures on Onderon. Jara and Sigi went to the forest to test out the new archbow, and the results were amazing. The farthest shot Jara had made that day was 120 yards, and it took down a mighty large beast. Jara realized that if she could train herself to shoot long distance with stunning accuracy, she could be lethal. She wasted no time; archery became her renewed passion, and she developed her skills very quickly. By the time she turned 26, she could shoot a target within a five-inch radius a hundred yards away, and Sigi’s scope upgrade helped her a lot to achieve this. She used it all the time when she went hunting now. The twins also began to continue their Teräs Käsi training with their mother again.

Jara’s mother decided to go back to Bunduki for a while to visit old friends and family. Ohar went, too. After a month of visiting the couple decided to stay there for a few more years, though. In the meantime, Sigi decided to live on Coruscant while Jara lived on Naboo for part of the year and on Coruscant the other. Jara still goes around accepting legal bounty jobs, dancing in the local cantina and going out on occasional hunts on Naboo and other worlds in between jobs. She doesn’t take very many bounties, though, as she likes to chill out and do things like meditate or practice her Teräs Käsi, which she has fifteen years experience with now. Eventually, she plans to visit her mother's homeworld of Bunduki and meet more of the Followers of Palawa.

Most recently, Jara found out her boyfriend Shane, or Zhanek, was a lousy smuggler who was caught in a scam and got a bounty on his head for the money he had to pay up. Afterwards, he was brought in by Jara herself as ‘Nighthawk’ and was ordered to pay even more than he owed for taking so long. An angry Shane unleashed a pack of thugs to take care of Jara whom he suspected was Nighthawk. Luckily, she escaped and managed to indirectly kill the leader of the pack. Jara later hired the famous assassin named Kavnos Rekino to take care of her backstabbing boyfriend. Of course, Kavnos easily succeeded in killing Shane. Jara was glad to have the nuisance off her back, but even the assassin could see the hint of regret in her eyes. He could also see the similarities between her and ‘Nighthawk.’ Now, Jara is evermore paranoid knowing that her nighttime counterpart wasn’t exactly providing as much cover from the bounty hunting/assassin community as she’d liked. As an attempt to forget about these events, Jara has made acquaintances with the Mandolorian ‘boy’ wonder Oeddie Arnassa, Mandolorian huntress Rachel Alba and, evidently, Kavnos as well as some other interesting individuals--a gardener and some Jedi among others. As she travels as Kavnos' 'second-on-command' with this unlikely band of individuals as privateers throughout the galaxy, Jara is becoming more interested in understanding the Jedi and their ways, even though she rarely lets this on. She's also been a little homesick lately and has always been concerned about the stability crew. Who knows what she'll do in the near future...


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