• Jariel as Mario (Both red and the main stars)
  • Mr. Teddy Bear as Luigi (Both Jariel and Mario's brothers)
  • Mr. Shark as Yoshi (Both Jariel and Mario's pets and best friends)
  • Mrs. Jennifer as Peach (Both love to Jariel and Mario)
  • Jackie Longo as Daisy (Both love to Mr. Teddy Bear and Luigi)
  • Mackenzie as Toad (Both Phineas, Ferb, Mario and Luigi first fans)
  • Mrs. Cinnamon as Toadette (Both love to Mackenzie and Toad)
  • Ryan as Mallow (Both friendly)
  • Mr. Rob as Toadsworth
  • Daniel as Wario
  • David as Waluigi
  • Dallas as Bowser (Both the main villians)
  • Mrs. Bertsch as Pauline
  • Tara as Birdo
  • Mrs. House as Rosalina
  • Cash Warren as Donkey Kong
  • Jessica Alba as Candy Kong
  • Ashley, Alissa (from Barney) and Sarah Michelle Gellar as Donkey Kong Jr., Lanky Kong and Tiny Kong
  • Mr. McCall as Swanky Kong
  • Dave as Wendy Koopa
  • Matt as Boshi
  • Edwin as Larry "Cheatsy" Koopa
  • Josh as Lemmy "Hip" Koopa
  • Jimmy as Iggy "Hop" Koopa
  • Charles as Oogtar
  • Alex as Petey Piranha
  • Mr. Ron as Tatanga

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