• Mr. Rob as Mufasa
  • Jessica Alba as Sarabi
  • Jariel as Adult Simba
  • Mrs. Jennifer as Adult Nala
  • David as Timon
  • Daniel as Pumbaa
  • Mrs. Bertsch as Zazu
  • Tara as Gopher
  • Dallas as Scar
  • Mrs. Bee as Shenzi
  • Josh as Banzai
  • Jimmy as Ed
  • Cash Warren as Rafiki
  • Dave as Zira
  • Mr. Teddy Bear as Adult Kovu
  • Liz Lemon as Adult Kiara
  • Jackie Longo as Vitani
  • Edwin as Nuka
  • David's Mother as Timon's Ma
  • Oscar The Grouch (from Sesame Street) as Iron Joe
  • Grundgetta (from Sesame Street) as Female Meerkat

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