Jason Doe is the father of Malinda, Larry and Ian Doe and the husband of Shirley Doe appearing in the 1998 It's A Laugh Productions/Columbia TriStar Television (later Sony Pictures Televison) animated series, Marilyn. He has brown hair and black eyes. His main outfit is composed of: a red short sleeved shirt, blue pants and black shoes. He is voiced by Dale Wilson (who makes him sound like Principal Kelly from X-Men Evolution). At his age, he is 56 years old.


  • Shirley Doe (Wife)
  • Malinda Doe (Daughter)
  • Larry Doe (Son)
  • Ian Doe (Son)


  1. Working in offices
  2. Being a reliable man
  3. Doing his best


  1. Larry and Ian's arguing
  2. Getting into fired trouble
  3. His worst dreams

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