Jason Fox is the son of Roger and Andy Fox. He is ten years old and he is the little brother of Peter and Paige Fox. His best friend is Marcus Jones. Jason also has a pet Iguana named Quincy.

Jason is an avid video gamer, a math and science genius, and is proud to be a geek. He is in fifth grade, and depending on the book, has the teachers Miss Grinchley or Miss O'Malley.

Jason also is a movie fan, his favorites including Star Trek, Star Wars, and Jurassic Park. He collects many movie t-shirts, but is rarely seen wearing them. On going to his favorite movies with Marcus, he often dresses up, but sometimes it backfires, resulting in, for example, a dinosaur mask that got stuck on his face.

Jason loves violent video games, and although Andy tries to limit the amount violence in the gaming, he often ends up playing very gory games on the newest systems.

One of the traditional things about Jason is his hate for his sister Paige, and tendency to intentionally get on her nerves. He often likes to put Quincy in her closet or spiders in her sock drawer to scare her. A good percent of the strips are based around Paige and Jason annoying each other. There are also fights over who gets to watch which television show, which often involves Peter too.

Jason does not play sports, but is often seen playing baseball or football with Peter in the backyard.

Not only does Jason play computer games but he also is extremely good at hacking systems (often government) and creating programs web sites and viruses.

At his school, he always ends up with impossible good grades (such as 72 out of 20), and nearly always scores more than 100%. He gets into mischief at school, and often ends up doing lines in detention, or with the principal or counselor. There is also a girl at his school named Eileen Jacobsen, who really likes him. Jason hates all girls, but he does admit to liking her in a few books.

At home, Jason and Marcus do a number of activities, including playing Dungeons and Dragons, performing rocket launches and playing video games together. There is usually a competition over who can win a game first and who has the better console.


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