This movie begins in the near future. A team of government scientists at the Crystal Lake Research Facility has captured the notorious Jason Voorhees. Their plan is to freeze him in cryogenic suspension; but, as usual, things go horribly wrong, and Jason breaks free. A survivor of Jason's rampage lures him into the cryogenic chamber, but before she can escape, Jason mortally wounds her, and both are frozen in cryogenic suspension. Over 400 years later, on a contaminated, desolate planet Earth that has been abandoned for centuries, archaeologists discover the two frozen ancestors in the "ancient" underground remains of the Crystal Lake Research Facility. The lone survivor of the attack at the research facility centuries ago is unfrozen and revived. First presumed dead, Jason begins doing what he does best - silently stalking the crew, who fight for their lives as their numbers dwindle. Just when they think they have beat him, he becomes more powerful than ever.

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