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jason vorhees is the cold blooded character in friday the13th.when jason was young kids made fun of him so they tied him up and threw him in crystal lake then the kids threw a rock down on the rope making him unable to swim back to the top.The counsolurs tried to find the young boy but no one prevaled.his mom came back to claim him but found out he was dead.then so she wouldnt press charges one of the consulars killed his mother.some how jason knew she was dead and came back for vengance.the first person he killed was the consular that had killed his he wanted to live in peace so anybody who stood in his way was killed.there is one sign of his aprocch he uterrs a very mysterious call"chchchch ahahahah."it seemed as nothing would kill him but one person found his true weakness in one of the cabins a girl took a hammer and shot it at the water pipes causing jason to stay away from her as a another girl came and stabbed him in the eye andkilled him for many years but the horror still goes on.

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