Jay-Ton Quinn
Affiliation Galactic Republic, Clone Troops
Physical Description
Gender Male
Species Mandalorian

My life was messed up, first on Jabiim, then during Order 66
— Jay-Ton Quinn after the Clone Wars

Born on Mandalore

Some 9 months prior to the birth of Jay-Ton Quinn, his parents were discovered to have a sickness that would triple the ageing rate of any child they had. The two used special Genetic Enhancement to help their baby have a normal life expectancy. In 37 BBY Jay-Ton Quinn was born on the world of Mandalore. The shock of his birth was that showed no signs of the genetic sickness. He was born normal. When his parents Asked what this would do to his lifespan they were told that sometime around his 18th birthday the ageing process would Slow down. He would life up to 4 times longer then normal humans.

With the strange details of Jay’s birth his parents took special precisions to make sure his life would indeed be 4 times longer. His parents had given up fighting for the Mandalorean way of life. He was raised among other Mandalorian children, but his parents scolded him whenever he tried to join in Mandalorean events, or practices. Jay would however get to see A Mandalorian wedding, and in secret, be trained how to use Weapons by other young Mandalorean Solders. Some time around 25 BBY his family moved to the secluded world of Jabiim to make sure that the Mandalorian way of life would not effect Jay-ton.

The Clone Wars

Battle of Jabiim

Around 20 BBY Jay-Ton found himself in the middle of the Clone Wars. During the Early days of the Battle of Jabiim. his parents were both killed. Jay himself was captured and put into a prison camp. He was rescued on day 42 by clone Raiders and was one of the Few people saved during the battle. Jay came to be proud of the clone Troopers.

Joining the Clone Troopers

Shortly before the First Battle of Cato Neimoidia, Jay-Ton tried to join the Clone Troopers. But because civilians were unable to join he was told to join the Navy Instead. Jay had no interest in the Republic Navy. Left with no choice, he stowaway aboard a Venator-class Star Destroyer, and went to Cato Neimoidia. Wile there he was hiding in A Republican Gunship when it took off. He was then Discoed by the Clone Troopers aboard.

Jay tried to explain to the clones that he wanted to fight. But the clones decided to turn the ship around. Seconds later the ship was shot down by Droid Tri-Fighters. Jay survived the Crash along with a clone named Bravo-471. Bravo was cloned from another Template when some of Jango’s cells were replaced with another mans cells. Bravo And Jay both fought their way to a Landing zone. But in the end Bravo received a blow to the head and was dying. As his last wish he gave his Armor and Name to Jay, saying that he would be a powerful Trooper.

When Jay was picked up by a Gunship he was wearing Bravo’s Armor and revered to himself as Bravo-471. He would be present during the Battle of Mygeeto, and ,the Battle of Felucia, early in the Third Battle of Kashyyyk, and during the Second Battle of Coruscant.

The 501st and Order 66

Right after the Second Battle of Coruscant, Jay became an trooper for the 501st. Jay had worked with 501st troopers during many of the battles of the Clone Wars and had come to respect them. But Jay had come to respect others as well, the Jedi Nights especially. Jay believed that the Jedi were the ultimate source of Good in the Galaxy. He sometimes had problems with Clone Troopers due to his loyalty to the clone troopers. He would continue to say that we was a normal member of the 501st. But his loyalties would soon be made clear.

He was soon sent on a mission titled Operation: Knightfall. At first Jay had no idea what the mission was until he talked to a trooper called Alpha-894. When he learned the mission was to exterminate the Jedi, Jay began to panic. When they landed at the Jedi Temple the Troopers were attacked by 2 Jedi. Jay watch in horror as the two Jedi were slaughtered.

Jay-Ton soon realized he would have to make a choice, either help slaughter innocent Jedi, or betray the Troops who rescued him from death so long ago. Jay soon made up his mind. A few moments later he and Alpha-894 came across 5 Jedi who had been wounded. As Alpha raised his rifle he was shot in the back by Jay. Jay then offered to help the Jedi escape. Jay soon had 20 Jedi by his side. The group maid their way to the Gunship. Jay fired at the cockpit and killed both pilots. Jay piloted the ship away just as Cannon fire from orbit hit the Jedi Temple.

Days later Jay would part with the people he rescued and would take the gunship to another part of Coruscant. He would spend months in denial about what happened.

After the Clone Wars

Reptileus Concarna and Flakin Airwind

Around 19 BBY Jay-Ton began to look for work that did not involve the Galactic Empire. He soon took up mercenary work on a Outer Rim world of Rattatak. He soon realized it was a trap and was thrown into the Cauldron to fight other warriors. He came to combat many of the fighters but was spared death by a Trogodile named Reptileus Concarna who didn’t want to fight anymore. In turn Reptileus and Jay were both rescued from death by a Talortai named Fallken Airwind.

The three join together and fought to defeat all hostels in the arena. The three then maid their escape and took a captured Royal Naboo Starship and headed off to Coruscant. When they arrived The three tried to decide what to do with their lives. Reptileus maid the suggestion of Bounty Hunters. Jay at first disagreed because bounty Hunters are roguery hired by the Empire. But Fallken was able to convince Jay that noun of them would work for the empire. The three agreed to the arrangement and would stay allies until the end of their days.

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