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  • Real Name: Jean Grey
  • Age: 18
  • Alias: Marvel Girl, Phoenix, Dark Phoenix
  • Powers: Extremely powerful telekinetic and telepathic abilities

Main Article

Young life

Jean Grey is the daughter of John and Elaine Grey. When she was 10 years old, a shocking event made her manifest her incredible powers. Her powers were hard to control, and her parents were desperate for help when Professor Charles Xavier, the head of the Xavier Institute, offered to help her.

Xavier's Institute

Jean Grey discovered that she was not the only one of her kind. At Xavier Institute, there were other students who had extraordinary abilities (Hank McCoy, Scott Summers, Ororo "Storm" Munroe and some others) to not mention Xavier himself. To the public, the school was an institute for gifted people, but in secret, Xavier trained the mutants to become the X-Men, the mutants' face to the world, to help end mutant prejudice, and of course saving lifes and stopping catastrophes.


After the first students 5 years, Xavier though they were ready to become X-Men, giving Jean the code name Marvel Girl. Their three first missions were successful, but on the fourth, Jean had to sacrifice her life for the greater good. The other students, and Xavier, honored her by creating a statue of her. The grief didn't last long however. She returned, explaining that she had never really died, only been in a coma that was so deep that not even Xavier's powerful telepathic powers could sense any life-force in her. The return had a terrible price though, that she had to bond with the cosmic Phoenix Force, forcing her to transform into Dark Phoenix, a being that had no regard for human life and had incredible passion but no love. Dark Phoenix had destroyed the entire D'bari solar system, thus, killing billions of innocent beings when the alien Shi'ar empire imprisoned her, and surprisingly were able to control the Phoenix Force. Jean was given a choice: death penalty or going through the extremely painful process of freeing herself from the Force. She was informed that every Phoenix Force host that had been given the choice had chosen death. Jean thought about her family, her friends in X-Men, and every individual she had saved and will be able to save, and chose the freeing process.

The process left her unconcious, and she was placed back on Earth, in her bed at Xavier's Institute. She was welcomed back when she awoke one month after the process. The day after she awoke, she went on a journey through space. Her powers had been increased since the Phoenix Force possessed her, and thus she recreated the D'bari system, complete with its inhabitants.

Behind the Scenes

  • This article was created by CleverGuy.
  • Jean Grey is an actual Marvel Comics character, whose history has been altered by the author of the article.

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