Jean Kazuhiza was born in Santiago, Chile. There wasn't much about his childhood, however, he had a strained teenage living, since he was bullied constantly by eldest youngster, until one day, he was saved by a wrestling promoter, who tought Jean the art of professional wrestling, after being tought in every aspect of the sport, he went into the gimmick of the Gobbledygooker, a turkey hybrid, he wrestled under the gimmick by one and a half year, earning a World Championship, a European Championship, a Hardcore Championship and a 3-Three time tag team championship.

After he retired permanently from pro wrestling, Jean decided to become a guardian for Majokai, The Kingdom of Witches, where he met his 7 Ojamajos friends, then one day, he came to an hospital, where a girl called Nozomi or Non-chan, was dying from cancer, he decided to cure her from her cancer. A week after being recuperated from cancer, Nozomi declares Jean that she loves him, and eventually married.

He travelled many places like Peach Creek, Udrogoth, Kusakabe, Amestris, Big City, Ouigee Falls, O-Town, The X-Zone, The Digiworld, Marzipan City, Stormalong, and many others that he was enjoying it, that he learned every culture, every race, making him a culturally exceptional mind fighter, learned the secrets of the brain, using his suffering and the mind games to trap his opponents into a mental checkmate.

One day, Darkmagicianmon invited Jean to join the Fanfic Author Fighters, Kazuhiza accepted and now, he fights unjustice along with his buddies.

His voice actor is Drake Bell.

Appearance and abilities

In normal outfit, Jean wears a blue shirt, with jeans, blue sneakers with hints of green, and has brown short hair, brown eyes and he's somewhat tall. In his Author Fighter outfit, he wears a dark green/green jumpsuit, with a yellow "JK" on his chest, a blue cape, and yellow googles.

  • Mindblinder: An ability that makes his opponent see a cruel and sad future that awaits for him, scaring him till the point of insanity.
  • Parabola Schism: this power ocurrs when Jean is provoked as he enters into a rageful state, giving him unlimited speed and strength, smashing his opponent without any kind of mercy, however, the Parabola Schism fades away when Jean calms down.
  • Weapons: Jean has no weapons, but he enjoys the use of foreign objects that appeared on wrestling, specially the barbed wired 2X4, poured on gasoline and burned, he uses it both in fight when he enjoys it, and to torture his enemies when they refuse to cooperate in a interrogation.

Jean's Enemies

Jelly Ring Donut Club (Drawn Together): The bullying clique that used to terrorize Toot Braunstein, They hate the LatAm Brigade, since they've put them behind the bars, now they're a group of rebels without a cause, and they're sworn to destroy Jean and it's allies, regardless the cost.

Le Schnook (Spongebob Squarepants): The greedy french-chef, that almost let go the Krusty Krab by a second time into bankrupt, however, when Jean was accompanied by Assuranceturix and Dave The Barbarian to see that Le Schnook has broke a rule of the restaurant syndicate, Dave battled Le Schnook, defeating him.

J The Pokémon Huntress (Pokémon): J is a Pokémon Huntress, that steals them or catches them at petition of her clients, she doesn't care whoever hurts or kills. For that, Jean Kazuhiza is a stone that does not let her make her schemes, Jean Kazuhiza defeats her after making her taping out with a submission lock, the Triangle's Devil.

Jean's Quotes

  • "You career as a Pokemón huntress is over, and THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE, BECAUSE JEAN KAZUHIZA, SAID SO!!" (after defeating J)
  • "It's time to bring back the balance to Justice!"
  • "You might be a great chef, a 5-star chef, but you lack something that every chef has... being selfless" (To Le Schnook)
  • "Sometimes, to fight your weaknesses, you must wait the exact to break it away, that's when you turn your weakness into a strength"


Hurricane's Quill: Jean sees Hurricane's as a great leader as well a great tactician, like Jean, he has also Asperger Syndrome, a trait shared by some of the fellow Author Fighters.

Nukid: He's a great friend of Jean and both respect each other

Mistress of Dawn: She's also a great friend of Jean.

DW64: Both friends and brothers-in-arms.

JC 619: Both brothers-in-arms as well and friends. Both share their tastes for professional wrestling.

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