Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on April 20, 1935, Jeannette Ruth was born the seventh child to Hollis and Susie Roberts, who had relocated from Rockman, Georgia to reside in Cincinnati at the time of Jeannette's birth. Jeanette remained in Cincinnati until the death of her mother at the age of 10. This was a traumatic era for Jeanette because the death of her mother resulted in the dispersion of the entire family (which consisted of 11 children). Being one of the youngest children, Jeanette and another sister were sent to Dayton, Ohio to live.

While in Cincinnati Jeanette attended the Dyer, Washburn 6th and 12th District elementary schools. In Dayton, Ohio she attended the Willard and Garfield Public Schools, and graduated from the Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School in 1953. Jeanette met Stanley Neil Frazier while still in high school and visiting Minneapolis, Minnesota in March, 1952.

Jeanette and Neil's relationship advanced to courtship through letters, visits, and telephone calls and continued for 18 months. On September 13, 1953, nuptial vows were shared in Liberty, Indiana, and Jeanette Ruth Roberts became Jeanette Ruth Frazier. To this union, four children were born: Gregory, Cheryl, and twins Mark and Beverly. Also nurtured in the Frazier home were Teena (sister of Mother Frazier,now deceased) and Dhonek Tekle ('adopted' daughter, native of Africa). Mother Frazier has been blessed with seven grandchildren.

Subsequent to her relocation to Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mother Frazier worked for (then known as Fourth Street Church of God in Christ - now as Emmanuel Tabernacle). When Mark and Beverly entered school, Mother Frazier says she 'prayed and asked God for an opportunity to work where I could help someone and also take care of my family properly.' Inasmuch as Mother Frazier had established a very real relationship with God : on April 20, 1947, at the tender age of 12, she knew the power of prayer. During a strike of the Minneapolis school teachers, her prayers were answered and she was offered a job. That year she worked at Bryant Junior High School, where her oldest son, Gregory, was enrolled, and at Phillips Junior High School as secretary for the WECEP Program.

Funds for the WECEP Program were depleted and Mother Frazier went on to work at Minneapolis Central High School. Mother Frazier labored untiringly on a 'gratis' basis in order to help the many troubled youth. Mother Frazier believes that her many successes with the youth at Minneapolis Central can be attributed to her earlier involvement with youth in the Minneapolis Public Schools. Her unique rapport with youth could be attested by the fact that the Frazier home became the 'community home' or 'place of refuge' for troubled youth, where they could gather in a non-threatening and positive environment. It was during this time that a Minneapolis Central counselor, noting her dedication and concern for youth, suggested that she apply for employment at Minneapolis Central so that she could be compensated for her efforts. She did, and was immediately hired.

Mother Frazier feels that through her involvement with her many little friends at Minneapolis Central High School and concurrent with the youth ministry which God has called her to, her life has been enriched and she has received an education-through-experience in human relations and youth. Mother Frazier also believes that it was a great opportunity to have been gainfully employed at the same school at which her children were enrolled, and is grateful that the employment continued for the duration of time it took for her children to graduate. After the closing of Minneapolis Central, Mother Frazier transferred to Sanford Junior High. Mother Frazier is now retired, but she still finds time to counsel and be a mentor to many young people.

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