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I started off as an accident, but I turned out alright. My favorite things in the world are: Cats, Woody Allen, Six Feet Under, Pepcid AC, Stella Artois, Netflix, punk rock, and rap from the 90's.

My So-Called SFSU Life

I started at SFSU in 2002. I probably should have graduated by now, but some things got in the way. I think most college students can relate to having to move every year or so, working several jobs, and alternating roommates. In the past couple of years I have realized I am kind of an anti-social person. I don't hang out on campus. I don't socialize with fellow students. I'm not a shy person, or a mean person. I just don't feel the need to spend any more time on campus than I need to. However, I don't think that my many years at SFSU has completely gone to waste. I have had some fun times, and met some cool people along the way. I will always associate these times and people with college, so I thought I might share some of these memories.

My Greatest Hits

Here are some of the things I shall take with me from these SFSU years: 1. Borders at Stonestown Galleria-I worked here for 3.5 years during school. Some of my most memorable first years of college were spent here, reading and partying with fellow SFSU co-workers. Even if you have not worked there, I think every SFSU student is familiar with the store. 2. Green Apple Books-The first job I was ever fired from is also the best bookstore in the city. You can spend hours in this store searching and finding literary treasures. They really know their shit too. 3. The 540 Club-One of my favorite bars in the entire city. After a stop at Green Apple, a few doors down is this crazy place so check it out. Cheap drinks, always spectacular specials, and some good people. 4. Live 105-The radio station I owe my life to. They have employed me for the past five years and have MADE my college years what they are. I have learned a lot, and met the most amazing people through this station. And I get to see rock stars sometimes.


This page was made possible by the help of BECA 670. While on the subject, I may as well include this link to my awesome BLOG!

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