(This timeline is a timeline for the Jedi Order Forum. It was created by Dork of Mordork and SkywalkerAndVader, members of The Jedi Order Forum.)

7, 500, 000, 000 BBY - The Universe is created.

5, 498, 005, 643 BBY - Hydrogen atoms and other atoms begin to fuse together, starting the process that shall create Kroprulu.

99, 032, 328 BBY - Kroprulu begins to take shape, and begins its orbit around its three stars.

10, 967 BBY - The asteroid which creates the illusion that Kroprulu is a barren world strikes the planet.

4, 050 BBY – The Jedi Order is created by the parents of Atalia on Bespin.

4, 040 BBY - Darth Zavier, originally a Jedi by the name of Atalia, is born.

4, 030 BBY – The Jedi Order on Bespin is attacked by unknown forces, and is destroyed. Feleah and Golte, the parents of Atalia are put in a coma.

4, 020 BBY – Feleah and Golte awaken from a coma, and are devastated over the destruction of the Order.

4, 015 BBY – Feleah and Golte go into exile.

4, 010 BBY – Feleah and Golte put all of their knowledge of the Force into Jedi holocrons, and travel to the Outer Rim. Their ship crashes on Bakura, and they parish. Atalia crashes onto Kroprulu.

4, 005 BBY - Atalia adopts the name Darth Zavier and begins the Zavian line.

3, 986 BBY - Jaden Nightsaber is born.

3, 957 BBY - The Fallen Angel

3, 945 BBY – Cion and Elitha, Force sensitive beings come across the Jedi holocrons while exploring the forests of Bakura. They take them to their home and begin to study them.

3, 935 BBY – Cion and Elitha continue to study the holocrons, and become Jedi.

3, 920 BBY – Cion and Elitha, with the help of others, build a temple in the forests of Bakura.

3, 916 BBY – Darth Zavier dies. Her infant daughter, Darth Visak is set through trials that Minious and Dude set to see if she is worthy.

3, 900 BBY – The temple is finished, and Cion and Elitha start the Jedi Order.

3, 820 BBY – Athin is born to Cion and Elitha on Bakura.

3, 825 BBY – Athin begins his training.

3, 800 BBY – Athin is knighted by his parents, Cion and Elitha.

3, 780 BBY - Cion and Elitha leave the temple to Athin, and they go out to search for Force sensitives.

3, 780 BBY – Cion and Elitha find two Force sensitives, Thalo and Allena.

3, 775 BBY – Thalo and Allena travel to the Jedi Temple on Bakura, and begin their training.

3, 760 BBY – Allena is knighted by Athin.

3, 755 BBY – Thalo is knighted by Athin.

3, 745 BBY – Cion and Elitha find three Force sensitives, and they send them to the Temple on Bakura.

3, 744 BBY – Jartia, Rhea and Alrix begin their training.

3, 700 BBY – Thalo takes Jartia as his apprentice.

3, 690 BBY – Allena takes Rhea as her apprentice.

3, 688 BBY – Cion and Elitha die, but not without finding one more Force sensitive.

3, 680 BBY – Asori begins her training at the Temple on Bakura.

3, 670 BBY – Thalo and Allena become Masters, and their apprentices are knighted.

3, 665 BBY – Athin dies, and Thalo and Allena take over the Order.

3, 650 BBY – Alrix is knighted.

3, 648 BBY – Rhea and Jartia join the Council.

3, 645 BBY – Alrix murders his sister Rhea in her sleep, out of jealousy because she made the Council, yet he did not. Alrix escapes from the Temple and travels to unknown space.

3, 640 BBY – Asori is knighted.

3, 630 BBY – Asori is sent out to gather more Force sensitives.

3, 620 BBY – Asori returns to the Temple with many Force sensitive children with her.

3, 615 BBY – Asori becomes a Master, and takes charge of the training of the Younglings.

3, 610 BBY – Alrix returns from unknown space, now Darth Trask, and enters the Jedi Temple at night. He murders Thalo, and escapes once more, but not without a scar to his face from Allena.

3, 600 BBY – Asori joins the Council.

3, 580 BBY – Allena takes charge of the Council.

3, 570 BBY – Many students of the Order are knighted.

3, 560 BBY – The Knights Arek, Elias, Kordath, Thormax and Jaran join the Council.

3, 550 BBY – Allena dies, and Kordath takes her place.

3, 540 BBY – Asori goes out for one last trip to gather Force sensitives.

3, 530 BBY – Asori dies. But not without sending many Force sensitives to the Temple.

3, 525 BBY – More students are knighted.

3, 515 BBY – Trask returns to the Temple, and tries to murder 3 Younglings, but is stopped by Kordath. Trask battles the Togruta, but is overpowered, and flies from the Temple.

3, 500 BBY – More students are knighted.

3, 470 BBY – Knights, Zeall and Vislor become Masters, and join the Council.

3, 460 BBY – Kordath dies, and passes the title of Grand Master to Elias.

3, 450 BBY – Knights, Alath and Tirith become Masters.

3, 440 BBY – Alath and Tirith join the Council.

3, 435 BBY – Arek dies at the hands of Trask.

3, 430 BBY – Thormax dies.

3, 420 BBY – Alath goes in search of Force sensitives.

3, 400 BBY – Alath dies at the hands of Trask, but not without finding Force sensitives and sending them to the Temple.

3, 300 BBY – Elias dies, and passes the title of Grand Master to Tirith.

3, 380 BBY – Jaran dies.

3, 360 BBY – Knights, Jesa, Jequin, Kennex and Altra become Masters.

3, 350 BBY – Masters, Thion and Jirix join the Council.

3, 300 BBY – Masters, Jesa, Jequin and Kennex join the Council.

3, 270 BBY – Tirith dies, passing the title of Grand Master to Jesa.

3, 250 BBY – More students are knighted.

3, 240 BBY – Jedi Knight Exier joins the Council.

3, 200 BBY – Jedi Council member Exier knights a student named Gadon.

3, 100 BBY – Darth Trask turns Gadon to the Dark side.

3, 080 BBY – The Dark Jedi Gadon enters the Jedi Temple, and murders Jesa.

3, 070 BBY – Exier takes the title of Grand Master, and Thion and Jequin die.

3, 060 BBY – The Dark Jedi Gadon tries to assassinate Kennex, but fails. Gadon returns to Trask, and Trask murders him for his failure.

3, 055 BBY - Kennex knights the Jedi Vourolk and Xiatver.

3, 045 BBY – Trask turns Vourolk to the Dark Side, after the spirit of Marka Ragnos on Korriban trains Vourolk.

3, 040 BBY – Xiatver is placed on the Council, and Knights the Jedi Sevian, Y’sal, Tovian, and Cormack.

3, 035 BBY – Vourolk is sent to murder the aged Kennex, and succeeds, only to be wounded by Jedi Knights Cormack and Sevian, where he flees back to Trask. 3, 030 BBY – Sevian, Y’sal, Tovian, and Cormack are added to the Council.

3, 020 BBY – Jedi Varius, and Kinsar are Knighted, after they defeat Vourolk, who again, flees back to Trask.

3, 000 BBY – Vourolk is sent by Trask to assassinate Xiatver, and succeeds. Vourolk returns to Trask, and blinded by arrogance, strikes down Trask, killing him. Darth Zero is born.

2, 980 BBY – Vourolk turns three students to the Dark side.

2, 970 BBY – The three Dark Jedi find Trask’s body, and place him in a tomb on Korriban.

2, 965 BBY – Jedi Varius and Kinsar are added to the Council.

2,960 BBY – Jedi Ico is Knighted.

2, 950 BBY – The three Dark Jedi find out how Vourolk defeated Trask, and they strike him down.

2, 940 BBY – Jedi Iva is Knighted, Ico joins the Jedi Council, and Y’sal is given the title of Grand Master.

2, 935 BBY – The three Dark Jedi invade the Jedi Academy, killing numerous Padawans, and taking Jedi Knight Iva hostage.

2, 934 BBY - Jedi Council Members Varius and Kinsar go to rescue Iva, who has fallen to the Dark Side, Kinsar is killed, along with two of the Dark Jedi, Varius is able to get to Iva, and bring her back to the Light.

2, 930 BBY – Council member Tovian defeats the last Dark Jedi, after he kills Council Member Sevian, but he leaves the Dark Side holocrons for someone to find.

2, 925 BBY – Force sensitive Phinex finds the Dark Side holocrons, and murders the elderly Cormack and Tovian in their sleep. After being attacked and wounded by Jedi Knight Iva, he flees, only to bring Jedi Padawans Zioc and Cizea with him.

2, 905 BBY – Phinex comes out of hiding with the newly formed Dark Jedi Zioc and Cizea, and invades the Jedi Temple, killing many Jedi, only for her to be defeated by Iva and Ico, while Zioc and Cizea flee. Iva is added to the Jedi Council.

2, 880 BBY – Darth Trask is resurrected by the Dark Jedi Zioc and Cizea.

2, 800 BBY – Trask returns to the Jedi Temple on Bakura, and murders Varius.

2, 790 BBY – Jedi Masters Gorma and Darriz join the Council.

2, 760 BBY – Jedi Council member Ico is sent to kill Trask, but is slaughtered by Trask, but not without giving Trask many scars.

2, 750 BBY – Jedi Padawans Kirez and Izor are knighted.

2, 600 BBY – Jedi Masters Jarin and Quirez join the Council.

2, 580 BBY – Iva is killed by Trask, but not without putting up the biggest fight he’s been in, he ended up having to use Force Lightning at point blank range until she stopped moving.

2, 565 BBY – Jedi Knights Kirez and Izor become Masters.

2, 555 BBY – Grand Master Y’sal dies of extremely old age.

2, 550 BBY – Jedi Master Gorma takes the title of Grand Master.

2, 540 BBY – The Zabrak Jedi Master Kirez joins the Council.

2, 500 BBY – The Kel Dor Jedi Council member Darriz is killed by a group of Dark Jedi.

2, 480 BBY – The Ithorian Council member Quirez is killed by Trask.

2, 460 BBY – Grand Master Gorma is poisoned by Trask, and dies.

2, 450 BBY – The Togruta Council member Jarin takes the title of Grand Master.

2, 300 BBY – Jedi Masters Harik, Viris, Matriz and Halrin join the Council.

2, 250 BBY – Kirez becomes one with the Force.

2, 200 BBY – Trask battles with the aged Grand Master Jarin, only to be critically wounded. Trask flees back into hiding.

2, 180 BBY – Trask returns from hiding, and murders the Grand Master as he sleeps.

2, 170 BBY – The Twi’lek Council member Harik becomes Grand Master.

2, 160 BBY – More Force sensitive beings arrive at the Temple.

2, 150 BBY – Trask murders Triaz, the sister of Matriz.

2, 145 BBY – Matriz, filled with hate and anger, pursues Trask to unknown space, and battles him, only to lose his hand. Matriz flees and returns to the Temple.

2, 144 BBY – Matriz arrives at the Temple, and confronts the Council. The Council exiles Matriz. Matriz leaves the Temple in a fit of anger.

2, 135 BBY – Matriz seeks out Trask, only to be killed by him.

2, 120 BBY – Harik becomes one with the Force.

2, 115 BBY – The Teevan Council member Viris becomes Grand Master.

2, 110 BBY – The Rodian Jedi Council member Halrin dies of old age.

2, 100 BBY – The female Miraluka Jedi Master Evana joins the Council.

2, 070 BBY – Viris fights Trask on Korriban, and is killed.

2, 060 BBY – Evana becomes Grand Master.

2, 055 BBY – Rivun, a Miralan Jedi Master joins the Council.

2, 045 BBY – Yalshey, a Lannik Jedi Master joins the Council.

2, 030 BBY – Lizan, a female Cathar Jedi Master joins the Council.

2, 020 BBY – Evana is killed by a group of Sith assassins.

2, 010 BBY – Rivun becomes Grand Master.

2, 000 BBY – Tarus joins the Council.

1, 995 BBY – Trask kidnaps Jedi Knight Exeto, and begins to train him.

1, 990 BBY – Exeto and Trask invade the Jedi Temple, in Rivun and Yalshey’s absences, and slay many padawan, several Knights, and torture Jedi Council Member Lizan until she dies.

1,980 BBY – Exeto is confronted by Rivun, in his old age, and turns him back to the light. Shortly after, Rivun dies.

1, 979 BBY – Yalshey is given the title of Grand Master

1, 970 BBY – Exeto is added to the Council.

1, 965 BBY - Trask finds a Force Sensitive group of Zabraks, five in all, and trains them.

1, 960 BBY – Tash and Korak are added to the Council

1, 950 BBY - Yalshey is killed by three of the five Zabraks on Dantooine. Tarus is named Grand Master

1, 945 BBY – Korak confronts and kills two of the five Zabraks that try to enter the Temple.

1, 940 BBY – Jedi Knights Meck, Ira, and Cormina are added to the Council.

1, 930 BBY - Tarus is met and killed by Trask, but not without leaving a hole in his stomach. The remaining three Zabraks kill Exeto.

1, 920 BBY - Korak is named Grand Master; Ficx is added to the Council.

1, 910 BBY – Trask sends a strike team of Sith assassins to Bakura, they kill Meck and Cormina.

1, 900 BBY – Yiza joins the Council.

1, 890 BBY - Trask kills Korak, and Jedi Knight Baktu.

1, 870 BBY - Grand Master Tash dies of old age, giving the title to Ira.

1, 860 BBY – Yiza is sent to search for Force sensitives.

1, 850 BBY – Jedi Masters Jek and Utharn join the Council.

1, 800 BBY – Yiza sends Force sensitives to the Temple.

1, 750 BBY – Yiza is confronted by Trask, and killed.

1, 740 BBY – Trask turns Jedi Knight Dorin to the Dark side, unknown to the Council.

1, 730 BBY – Dorin returns to the Council as an undercover Sith, unknown to the Council.

1, 728 BBY – Dorin secretly assassinates three Younglings, unknown to the Council of who killed them.

1, 720 BBY – The Council finds out about Dorin, and Dorin flees.

1, 710 BBY – Dorin returns to Trask, and becomes a Sith Lord.

1, 700 BBY – Ira pursues Dorin to Dantooine, and kills him, only to be stabbed in the back of the head by Trask.

1, 650 BBY – The Nautolan Jedi, Jek becomes Grand Master.

1, 640 BBY – The Gran Jedi Master by the name of Utharn is killed by Trask.

1, 630 BBY – Javik and Varin, two human Jedi Masters join the Council.

1, 610 BBY – Javik finds Trask hiding out on Tatooine, and fights him. Trask puts the Master in a stasis, and feeds off the Force flowing through the Jedi, keeping Trask alive. Javik dies.

1, 560 BBY – Jek dies of old age, and passes the title of Grand Master to Varin.

1, 500 BBY – Udari, Sarin, Astari, Alon and Jourik join the Council.

1, 470 BBY – Varin grows tired of the galaxy, and travels to unknown space, never returning.

1, 460 BBY – Udari becomes Grand Master.

1, 450 BBY – Sarin knights Valir.

1, 440 BBY – Valir is sent to find Trask, only to be turned by Trask.

1, 430 BBY – Sarin seeks out Valir, and desperately tries to turn him back to the Light. Valir strikes his master down. Unknown to him that she was still alive.

1, 420 BBY – Sarin awakens from a coma, and once more searches for Valir.

1, 418 BBY – Sarin finds Valir, and tries to turn him back, but to no avail. Valir strikes down his former master, this time to the death.

1, 400 BBY – Valir returns to the Temple, and murders Astari. Only to be killed by Jourik.

1, 380 BBY – Hariaz and Himix join the Council.

1, 370 BBY – Udari dies of old age.

1, 368 BBY – Hariaz becomes Grand Master.

1, 350 BBY – Viridan joins the Council.

1, 300 BBY – Veran joins the Council. Archeon destroys Valhalla and Lenneth, Freya, and Arlas is exiled.

1, 270 BBY – Himix travels to Ziost to kill Trask, only to be put into a stasis by Trask. Then Trask fed off of the Force flowing through him.

1, 250 BBY – Trask returns to the Jedi Temple, and captures many Jedi Padawans, and then feeds off of their Force.

1, 240 BBY – Garmn joins the Council.

1, 200 BBY – Hariaz confronts Trask, and Trask drains the life from him, killing him instantly.

1, 170 BBY – Viridan becomes Grand Master.

1, 160 BBY – Veran goes in search of Force sensitives.

1, 150 BBY – A group of Force sensitives arrive at the Temple, and begin their training.

1, 130 BBY – Izak joins the Council.

1, 110 BBY – Trask turns three Jedi Knights to the Dark side.

1, 100 BBY – The three Dark Jedi become the “Red Death”.

1, 090 BBY – The Red Death murder many Younglings of the Bakura Jedi Academy.

1, 080 BBY – Viridan dies at the hands of the Red Death.

1, 070 BBY – Veran is killed by the Red Death.

1, 060 BBY – Garmn becomes Grand Master.

1, 058 BBY – Izak pursues the Red Death to Kuat, and kills the weakest of their group.

1, 045 BBY – Izak follows the rest of the Red Death to Hoth, and kills the now weakest member, but is then killed by the Red Death leader.

1, 030 BBY – Trask returns to the Temple, and feeds off of the Force of more Younglings.

1, 025 BBY – Vursus, Orac, Narix and Xickor join the Council.

1, 020 BBY – Garmn dies by the leader of the Red Death.

1, 018 BBY – Vursus becomes Grand Master.

1, 000 BBY – Orac follows the last of the Red Death to Alderaan, and bests him. Darth Zero joins the Empire.

208 BBY - Darth Dude is wounded on Byss, where he begins his own Sith Empire.

98 BBY – Orac returns to the Temple.

90 BBY – Trask continues to live off of the Force of others.

85 BBY – Vursus dies, and passes the title of Grand Master to Orac.

70 BBY – Mavrik joins the Council.

68 BBY - Orac, kept alive by the Force of the Council, finally dies, passing on the title of Grand Master to Narix.

60 BBY - Rive is born in the lower city of Coruscant.

55 BBY – Irix joins the Council.

52 BBY – Vikro is born on Tatooine, and shortly after is taken to the Temple.

50 BBY - Koras Aldamar is born on Shili, where shortly after he is taken to the Jedi Temple. Urwen is born on Tatooine.

48 BBY - Shatterpoint is born on Coruscant, and shortly after is taken to the Temple.

46 BBY – Abba is born on Tatooine.

43 BBY - Kavar Korvan is born.

42 BBY - Dante is born.

41 BBY - Padmé Dral is born on Naboo. Urwen is brought to the Academy.

40 BBY – Xickor journeys to Tatooine, and takes Abba to the Temple.

39 BBY - Padmé is recognized by the Jedi Order and taken to the temple on Bakura.

38 BBY - Anakin is born.

37 BBY - Ketha Aldamar is born on Shili to the parents of Koras Aldamar, and shortly after Koras takes his sister to the Jedi Academy on Bakura.

36 BBY - Lanik is born on Telos.

31 BBY - Urwen is knighted.

30 BBY – Shatterpoint is knighted.

28 BBY – Shatterpoint takes Koras as her apprentice.

20 BBY – Koras is knighted.

19 BBY - Koras and Shatterpoint secretly wed on Shili.

17 BBY - Lanik joins the Sith.

15 BBY – Trask returns, and kills all of the Council save Narix. Butler Swan is born. Lanik is premoted to Grand Admiral.

14 BBY - Ratius "Rate" Prone is born to peasants in the lowest depths of Coruscant. He is taken immediately into training after requests from his parents for a better life. The Jedi obviously accepted, sensing the Force.

13 BBY – Abba joins the Council, and shortly after, Narix dies, giving Abba the title of Grand Master. Lanik leaves the Sith.

12 BBY – Shatterpoint, Rive Caedo and Jaden Nightsaber (a distant relative of the first Jaden Nightsaber) join the Council.

11 BBY – Vikro joins the Council.

10 BBY – Trask returns to the Temple, feeding off of the Force of many other Jedi. Wes Odo is born. Urwen is made a General in the Republic army.

8 BBY - Jeridan "Shadow" Shesh is born into a royal merchant house on the temperate world of Kuat.

6 BBY - Xander Vos is born.

3 ABY - Eriaté Sulla is born to an Imperial family, breeding her hate for non-humans which will eventually see her expelled from the Sith.

4 ABY - The Battle of Endor marks the death of Darth Vader, one of several deaths of Darth Sidious, and across the galaxy on Dathomir, the birth of Keyris, who would eventually become Lord Scourge.

5 ABY - Ratius betrays his master, Anakin, during training and turns to the Dark Side of the Force, becoming Darth Rate.

6 ABY - Koras and Asil slay Trask.

8 ABY - Ackin joins the Sith Empire, is trained by Lord Minious, and adopts the Sith name of Darth Actir. Urwen falls to the dark side and becomes Avic.

10 ABY - Jeridan joins the Empire and assumes the name Shadow at age eighteen.

11 ABY - Magnus "Vexen" is born. With the combined power of Lords Minious, Zero, Tontie, and Supremus, Darth Dell conceives twins, both powerful in the Dark Side.

12 ABY - Darth Dell gives birth to the twins, one of which is chosen to be the next ruler, Darth Chick.

13 ABY - Empress Dell is allowed to die for keeping secret of twins from her Council.

14 ABY - Shadow completes training under Saber at age twenty-two.

16 ABY - Jhosce Dyeld is born.

17 ABY - At the age of 14, the age Darth Chick is going to become Empress, Eriaté joins the Empire, helping in the training of several, including some training of Actir, even after her knighting. Necto Zahhna Naron the III is born. A month later he is taken to the Jedi Academy on Bakura for training.

20 ABY - Shadow's long periods of solitude studying Sith and Jedi Holocrons draws to a close and he takes a leap of absence from the Empire to study other paths for Force-users. Manga is born on Dantooine.

22 ABY - Manga's parents are killed my Mandalorians. He is rescued by Jedi and taken to their Temple for training.

23 ABY - Chick's brother- Cal- is murdered by Lord Supremus. Lord Supremus is executed by Chick after fulfilling pledge to maintain the female rule of the Empire. Xander Vos is Knighted.

24 ABY - Scourge joins the Order.

25 ABY - Jhosce Dyeld joins the Sith.

26 ABY - Darth Chick's tutelage is completed, with the help of Scourge, and she begins to run the Empire.

27 ABY - Jhosce Dyeld becomes a Sith and takes the name of Darth Divious.

30 ABY - Manga loses a fierce confrontation with his Jedi Master and he is exiled from the Order.

31 ABY - Divious joins the Church and becomes Prophet Divious.

32 ABY - Manga is brought to Kroprulu to receive training in the midst of a great conflict

50 ABY - Kadrian Kolar is born on Iridonia. The Iridonian Civil War begins. Divious is promoted to High Prophet. Xander Vos is promoted to the rank of Jedi Master.

53 ABY - In this time of peace, Magna, an Adept who helped Darth Minious early in the Dude conflict, is taken as Darth Minious' Apprentice.

57 ABY - Kadrian Kolar is kidnapped by Mandalorians and sent to the planet Mandalore as a slave.

62 ABY - Kadrian discovers the Sith on Kroprulu after crash landing on the planet. Kadrian Kolar is apprenticed by Darth Minious.

64 ABY - Magna's training is completed, and he becomes Darth Vexen, a hopeful for the Inquisitors.

68 ABY - Kadrian Kolar becomes Darth Matas, a Sith Warrior. Divious is promoted to Junior Lord, Baron of Telos, and Head Ambassador.

69 ABY - Darth Matas returns to Iridonia and stops the war by killing the clan leaders.

72 ABY - Darth Shadow dies.

74 ABY - After training two Apprentices and completing all required tests, Darth Vexen joins the Sith Armed Forces.

76 ABY - Vexen becomes General.

80 ABY - Xander Vos dies.

84 ABY - Urwen dies of natural causes.

176 ABY - Darth Matas dies and becomes a Dark Force ghost.

203 ABY - Wes Odo dies.

205 ABY - Black Star is born.

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