This is a page dealing with the Star Wars Game at Walker Valley High School. This was a combination of Brandon Green, Mollie Miller, Marty Adams, Aaron Sands, Matt White, and Zak Aragon. Togeather under Brandon's leadership the game was created. As it stands now, there are over a hundred and thirty registerd players. As the game has grown over the last year and a half, the game has gained wide spread popularity within Bradley County and Cleveland, Tennesssee. As the game started in early march of 2007, we faced many issues to keep the game. It was a learning experience all the way. After about two weeks, we finally came up agianst our first challenge. One of the players had gotten in trouble in the halls, by attacking during the day. This soon led to our current and standing rule of no attacking before 3:33. Once we handled that issue, we pressed on into Apirl. By that time, we had picked up the interest of alot of freshmen and of Mr. Akiona and Mrs. Peace. With these two, it was bound to be an interesting fight. After several heated discussions of what to do on the boards, we finally came up with a plan. A few of us would meet with an admin on the issue to discuss out options. Several of us Brandon G., Ryan H., Eddie L., and a couple other people were there. We had a meeting with Mr. Coggin's on the issue. After a heated debate, we ended with the fact that the game may end there. But of course with Brandon as a leader, we took to going underground with it. We waited for a week and a half, before we went to open combat once agian.

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