Jeez Quiinzara

Yajisif 'Jeez' Quiinzara is the resident Jedi on board the mercenary ship The Echo.


  • Species: Human (Mandalorian orgin)
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 36
  • Alignment: Grey on some things, but mostly lightside
  • Appearance: Moderate skin tone with dark, black hair that is kept short and neat. Clean shaven, and a few barely noticeable scars on his face exist. His body is very well built with a defined musculature. There is a small metallic port at the base of his head.
  • Weapons/Equipment: A single, blue lightsaber with an abnormally long hilt that is slightly curved at the base; several sets of plain and unassuming clothing
  • Primary Role Player: stingerhs


The son of a Corellian prostitute and Jango Fett, Jeez is a direct descendant of the ancient Mandalorians. Brought to the Jedi Temple as a newborn, Jeez was brought up and trained from infancy to be a Jedi as most Jedi were at the time.

Jeez would be involved with a relationship with another Jedi that was about his age. Whenever it was discovered, Jeez had to choose between the Jedi and the girl, and Jeez chose the Jedi. The decision would forever change Jeez, and he would often times find himself at odds mentally with the ancient dogma of the Jedi.

Just before the start of the Clone Wars, Jeez would meet and serve with Ryshana Oliaya on a mission to restore peace to the planet Perlexom. The planet was unique in that it supplied an ore that was essential to the making of anti-gravity technology, and as such, it was an important world for both sides of the coming war. Ryshana and Jeez would spar verbally and disagree with each other often, but they did succeed.

Whenever the Clone Wars began, the Jedi decided to secretly insert a Jedi into the ranks of the rather independently-minded Commando Clones in order to keep tabs on one of the Emperor's pet projects. Jeez was chosen for the task due to him being Jango Fett's son. As such, he blended perfectly into the ranks of the Commandos. Unfortunately, the unit Jeez was assigned to was also commanded by none other than Ryshana.

The two Jedi did not get along, and this was moreso apparent during the Commando Unit's first several engagements in which Jeez would several times outright disobey Ryshana's direct orders. Eventually, however, Jeez and Ryshana would be spurned into getting along as moral among the Commando's plummeted due to the poor leadership.

Forced the get along, Jeez and Ryshana began to see eye-to-eye more often, and it led them into an understanding of each other. As the Clone Wars continued, Jeez and Ryshana eventuallly became good friends.

About a year and a half into the war, it was revealed to the other Commandos that Jeez was not a clone, but rather, Jeez was a Jedi due to an encounter with Count Dooku. However, the Commandos decided to keep the secret if and only because Jeez seemed to be more of a true comrade in battle than a Jedi.

After the encounter with Dooku, the Commando Unit was given permission to have an extended shore leave at Alderaan. It was here that Jeez and Ryshana decided to marry each other shortly after they admitted that their friendship was much more than just simple comradery.

The marriage proved a success as the Clone Wars continued, but of course, everything went south after Order 66. The Commandos, however, decided to join the people that they considered to be their own brother and sister, and as such, they became the only squad of Clones to rebel against Order 66.

In an attempt to find a hiding place among several very wealthy Corellian families, Jeez and Ryshana ran into trouble, and Jeez purposely separated them so that at least Ryshana would live. From there, Jeez was captured and taken to the Facility where Twerna peformed his experiments.

Personality and Traits

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