Jelly Kills Teddy was a GoAnimate! episode.


Jelly hates Teddy. So she decides to kill him. She goes to Teddy's house and kills him. And Teddy was dead. At home, Jelly gets grounded for four months.


  • Jelly The Purple Otter (played by Ivy)
  • Tails (played by Tween Girl)
  • Teddy (played by Eric)


  • Jelly: Let's see what's on the Family Channel.
  • [Teddy appears on television]
  • Teddy: Hi there everyone. I'm Teddy.
  • Jelly: I hate Teddy. I have to kill him.
  • [In Teddy's house]
  • Jelly: I'm gonna kill you Teddy.
  • Teddy: Please no no no no no no no!!
  • Jelly: Too bad. I have to kill you.
  • [Jelly rips Teddy into shreds]
  • Jelly: All right. I killed Teddy.
  • [At home]
  • Tails: Jelly, how dare you kill Teddy. That's it. You're grounded for four months. Go to bed now.
  • Jelly: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

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