Narrator: "One sunny day, PB&J visited a store nearby Lake Hoohaw, Ontario, Canada that sold old VHS tapes of films and cartoons."

Jelly: "Guys, Lookie here! Can I have this Maple Town: The Most Prettiest Dress in Maple Town video, please?"

Peanut: "No thanks. Let's find something else."

Butter: "No."


Narrator: "Then, Policeman Mario and Policewoman Peach arrived at the store."

Peach: "Ma'am, you are under arrest."

Jelly: "OH NO! Don't you even realize that I wanted that Maple Town video?"

Peach: "Throwing tantrums won't help you get what you want. Instead, you have to calm down and ask nicely again."

Jelly: "OK." (to Peanut) "Peanut, may I have Maple Town: The Most Prettiest Dress in Maple Town please?"

Peanut: "Let me think of it, Jel, OK! I will buy the tape for you."

Jelly: "Yay! Thanks Peanut! You're the best!"

(The two giggle and Butter joins along)

Narrator: "The three otters returned to the houseboat and watched the Maple Town tape together. The end."

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