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Jem Chan is a Chinese animated television series that premiered in March 2011 created by Wan Kanto. This series serves as a rival for the Japanese anime series, Tokyo Terror. In fact, one cartoon featured a crossover between "Tokyo Terror" and "Jem Chan".


The series is based on the Chinese novel, The Water Magen and Journey to the West and the Japanese anime, Ranma 1/2. The series' setting is in the Qin dynasty of the Chinese era. The series talks about a monk named Sato who travels with a jokester named Goka, a silent type named Gaja, an overeater named Piggy and a beautiful maden named Jem who are cursed to transform into the species/animal they are mostly descened too in nighttime. In order to undo the curse, Sato and his friends must find all of the 12 gems to break the curse.


  • Mitchell Musso - Sato: The monk who tries to undo the curse of the Drowned Warriors.
  • Jack Black - Goka: The 91st descent of Son Goku (The Monkey King).
  • Jerry Jewell - Gaja: The 91st descent of the Kappa.
  • Kevin Michael Richardson - Piggy: The 91st descent of Zhu Bahjie (The Pig King).
  • Daniella Monet - Jem: The 91st descent of the drowned girl.
  • Will Friedle - Kang Li
  • Keone Young - Charamina
  • Hulk Hogan - Guan Yu
  • Wayne Knight - Wu Song
  • Kevin McDonald - Xa Shawn
  • Brian Drummond - La Ping
  • Chow Yun Fat - Sparkle
  • Cheech & Chong - Lo Mein & Chow Mein
  • Harry Shen, Jr. - Veggie Shrimp Combo

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