Jem Cole is a person living on the Island of Sodor in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV Show. He is Trevor's driver, and helped save him from scrap when Edward found him. Jem Cole also does other mechanical work on Sodor, also restoring Elizabeth the Sentinel Lorry and the Refreshment Lady's Teashop. Jem Cole has a love for old vehicles, as he was one of the people who went to rescue Duke, and was also one of Rheneas' passengers when he saved the day. Jem Cole also has a pet goat, which caused delay for Percy, but saved Maithewaite Station.

He appeared both in the Railway Series and TV Series, but isn't seen much in the new seasons now. His last mentioned appearance was in 'The Refreshment Lady's Teashop', where he must have come into some money, as he was wearing a suit and a bowler hat! For the "Bulgy" episode of Thomas & Friends, Jem Cole becomes a giant robot.


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