• Scamp as Thomas
  • Tramp as Edward
  • Joe as Henry
  • Tony as Gordon
  • Toughy as James
  • Junior as Percy
  • Trusty as Toby
  • Mr. Busy the Beaver as Duck
  • Jock & Jack (a made-up Lady & The Tramp character) as Donald & Douglas
  • Timothy Q. Mouse (from Dumbo) as Oliver
  • Buster as Diesel
  • Toulouse & Berlioz (from The Aristocats) as Bill & Ben
  • Einstien (from Oliver & Company) as BoCo
  • Ruby as Daisy
  • Peg as Mavis
  • Dodger (from Oliver & Company) as Stepney
  • Lady as Emily
  • Oliver (from Oliver & Company) as Bertie
  • Dodo (from Alice In Wonderland) as Salty
  • White Rabbit (from Alice In Wonderland) as Harvey
  • Si & Am as Arry & Bert
  • Mad Hatter (from Alice In Wonderland) as Skarloey
  • March Hare (from Alice In Wonderland as Rheneas
  • Fifer Pig (from The Three Little Pigs) as Sir Handel
  • Fiddler Pig (from The Three Little Pigs) as Peter Sam
  • Tito (from Oliver & Company) as Rusty
  • Cheshire Cat (from Alice In Wonderland) as Duncan
  • Practical Pig (from The Three Little Pigs) as Duke
  • Bill the Lizard (from Alice In Wonderland) as Freddie
  • Napoleon & Lafayette (from The Aristocats) as Mighty Mac
  • Jenny (from Oliver & Company) as Lady
  • The Dog Catcher as Diesel 10
  • Jim Davis as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Darling as Lady Hatt
  • Aunt Sarah as Dowager Hatt
  • Francis (from Oliver & Company) as Terence
  • Roquefort (from The Aristocats) as Trevor
  • Uncle Waldo (from The Aristocats) as Toad
  • Edgar (from The Aristocats) as Bulgy
  • Georgette (from Oliver & Company) as Elizabeth
  • Sykes (from Oliver & Company) as George
  • The Policeman as Spencer
  • The Rat as Scruffey
  • Dumbo as Harold
  • Angel as Rosie
  • The Big Bad Wolf (from The Three Little Pigs) as Smudger
  • Thomas O'Malley (from The Aristocats) as Stanley
  • The Milkman (from The Aristocats) as The Spiteful Breakvan
  • Duchess (from The Aristocats) as Molly
  • Scamp's Sister as Annie, Clarabel & Henrietta

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