The Jenkth are scaleless reptiles with humanoid bodies. Hailing from the desert planet of Jenk.

They have flat, anvil-shaped heads, sharp claws, clear, marble-like eyes, and skin tone that ranges from mahogany to ebony. Jenk, the native planet of the Jenkth, is always hot, and had very little water. The atmosphere was filled with ammonia vapor. The Jenkth adapted to this environment, picking the roots of the complex flora of Jenk, who, by taking in the Ammonia in the air and breaking it down, created the only water supply of the planet. The Jenkth eventually depended on the ammonia to live and as a result, Jenkth living offworld had to take ammonia supplements.

Despite their bulbous eyes, the Jenkth had very poor eyesight. Their eyes could not detect fine shapes; and so they only saw blurry shapes. To aid their poor eyesight, the Jenkth had a small diamond shaped sensory organ between their eyes. Often mistaken for their nose, this organ detected heat patterns from living beings, and so the Jenkth could recognize someone or something by its heat pattern. Like most reptiles, the Jenkth had olfactory organs located in their ever moving tongues. This helped them distinguish objects in their environment that they otherwise could not make out and also gave them a keen sense of smell.

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