I still couldn’t believe it. Staring out the small window at the fluffy-looking clouds, 30,000 feet above ground, it all seemed surreal. I had to keep pinching myself to remind my disoriented brain that what is happening isn’t some weird dream. It didn’t help much that the seats were cramped and it was unbearably boring with nothing to do but the occasional look-out-the-window and watching a crummy movie selected by the airline. I had thought a plane ride could be thrilling since it was my first time, but a big let-down struck my ten-year-old self as the ride dragged on and I slowly found that not every plane ride was a joyride. It was pure madness and I blamed it all on my parents.

This was a very good and interesting story to read. It was exciting and vivid, because I felt like I could picture what I was reading in my mind. However, if I had to change one thing about this story, I'd probably mention why your family is leaving to come to America.

It all started fall of 2001. I was heading home after a long, exhausting (as exhausting as it can get for a ten-year-old) day at school, hoping to catch good afternoon programs on TV. My desire to relax however ran amok when I entered through the doorway of our small, pathetic apartment and saw about a dozen boxes lying about the kitchen/dining room. Random things were strewn all over the place; clothes, books, silverware, linens, knickknacks, and so much other junk I never even knew we possessed. The worst part wasn’t the mess. The worst part was…NO TV. NO COMPUTER, no nothing. For a second I thought we’d been robbed. No, that’s not possible. Who’d ever steal from our place?

Coming back to my senses, I shrieked, “What’s going on?!”

At that, my mom popped out of nowhere with that stern look on her face that said, “Better keep it down, or you’re going to be in serious trouble.” Immediately I shut my mouth and more composed this time, I asked, “Mother, please. Do tell what in the world is going on here.”

Calmly, she replied, “You know exactly what. We’re moving to the United States of America.” She said so bluntly and in such a nonchalant manner it was as if we were really not moving at all. And all I could say was, “Oh…right.” I wasn’t caught off guard or anything; my parents had been scheming during dinner and in the dead of the night when they believed my sister and I were sound asleep. I just didn’t think the day would come so soon.

Since our car, too, had been given away, my mom’s brother had to drive us to the airport. Thankfully, there was no emotional chaos before our departure seeing to it that it was just my moms’ parents and a few cousins that I really did not have a strong liking of. My grandmother had gotten a little teary, and for some reason that made me want to have a complete breakdown, throw down my suitcase and beat the ground until it cracked. It really was happening too fast but since when did the world care about the feelings of an insignificant little child like me? I guess it was time for me to be mature about things; especially the one where the parent just decide to move to a different country and it’d be perfectly okay with the kids who hasn’t been consulted once on the matter. In a positive light, this move was all for a better cause, a better life. It made me feel a bit better.

The plane was slowly descending. My ears were popping like crazy and my heart beating a million miles a minute. I didn’t know what awaited me out there or what would happen to our family. One thing I was sure of, I’d always have them to turn to through the good and the bad. With that in mind, I stepped out of the airport thinking, “New life, here I come!”

This was a very good and interesting story to read. It was excited and vivid, because I felt like I could picture what I was reading in my mind.

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