Jenny is Lennie´s girlfriends and become her boyfriends and Jenny formerly home Limit High School and Jenny have ex boyfriends Henry and Jenny breaking up to Henry and Jenny have boyfriends return present for her boyfriends Lennie love-interest. Jenny as Lennie´s girlfriends present return as present become engagement enter relationship enter JennyxLennie as boyfriends and her kiss to Lennie. Jenny have boyfriends Lennie and Bolts have girlfriends Diana and Jenny likes you Lennie feelings love-interest and Lennie become his girlfriends is her Jenny enter engagement presents. Jenny is girlfriends currents from Lennie episode currents. 


Lennie Lennie and Jenny as boyfriends presents and her likes you Lennie and Lennie back fall in love with her become is Lennie´s girlfriends presents as engagement enter relationship. In Lennie Cool that Jenny say Lennie as cool love-interest say likes as boyfriends currents. In Aniversary Weddings' s Day that Jenny kiss to Lennie become couple official and her dance with him. In Ben VS Bolts Lennie say Jenny as back boyfriends and Lennie say Jenny as girlfriends from Lennie and say likes. In Team Gangs that Bolts speak by Jenny dream mention ex-limit school that her return loves Lennie as romantic-interest. In Cold to Lennie that Jenny say Lennie "worry my boyfriends" that Jenny likes Lennie to be sick and finally Jenny likes Lennie too her kiss to Lennie as back boyfriends. In Firework Run that Lennie likes Jenny as romantics-interest is a relationship say "that interest" as back boyfriends, In Jenny to be Nice that Jenny has crush on Lennie say likes and kiss as romantics-interest. 

Diana and Bolts Diana and Jenny as friends presents as friendship her friends Diana enter relationship Jenny with Diana kiss to Lennie with Bolts enter relationship and her friendship Diana, Bolts and Jenny as friendship enter last names his Delta and her Simpson or Mackleberry as friendship enter together. In Bolts' s Nightmare that Bolts laugh with her sleep lazie with donuts and but Jenny angry with him. In As Gets This that Bolts together Jenny as good friends. In Lennie Cool that Jenny angry by Bolts laugh other time and Bolts eat tacos cheeser with bean and but Jenny other time angry by Bolts eat tacos vomit. In Shock and Eddie Fight that Jenny together Diana as good friends and funny, Jenny say Bolts as good friends. In Skipper Action and Lennie Young that Jenny stranger to Diana and Bolts as goods friends and until welcome to Diana and Bolts as goods friends from Jenny. In Lennie Hornesty and Ben VS Bolts that Diana with Jenny funny as friends and Jenny say Bolts as speak spanish as jokes by pretty and Diana with Jenny say as goods friends "cool". In Donovan and Team Gangs that Jenny speak by her friends Diana say likes cool and Jenny say Bolts as dream mention ex-limit school that Jenny return loves Lennie and Diana say to Jenny as goods friends. In Cold to Lennie that Jenny help Diana with Bolts need help sick her boyfriends and Diana with Bolts say her trust with Jenny say smile "thanks guys". In Fireworks Run that Diana say Jenny that Diana likes Bolts by say and Jenny say Bolts as goods friends, In Jenny to be Nice that Jenny say Diana goods friends with Bolts is a nice and Jenny say Bolts and Diana "Bolts got girlfriends".        

Biana and Trip Jenny and them as good friends currents enter friendship and relationship together friends Biana and Trip.

Margaret (Penny) her and Margaret as friends currents and her funny.

Brandy her and Brandy as rival and gets jealous by Brandy dating with Lennie and Jenny loves Lennie and but Brandy and Jenny as rival. 

Mary her and Mary as rival-friends and gets jealous by Mary dating with Lennie and Jenny loves Lennie and but Mary and Jenny as rival. In Jenny to be Nice that Mary gets jealous by Jenny nice loves Lennie say likes and finally Jenny punch to Mary as Mary´s bag. 

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