Jenny Davidson did not truly appear in the Real-World Author Fighters, but rather the Real-Self Author Fighters, a world where the Author Fighters do not exist in any form.


Jenny's life upon entering Middle School became a hell-hole. However, she preferred to use a book as a shield, slowly building up the pressure of school, parents, and jerk basketball players. She finally burst one day in High School, running away from home. She caught a train to Chicago, and on the way there met Andrew, and her life changed permanently.


Jenny has hazel eyes, brown hair with red streaks (dyed), and usually wears a sweatshirt and jeans. She's very withdrawn, not to mention confused about everything that's going on. However, when somebody gets her mad, they feel her wrath.

She also gained the ability to use a Quincy Bow (Bleach) which she can manifest as a flatbow and a crossbow and a few spellcasting techniques. Upon visiting the Digital World, she gained a Digimon Partner, Biyomon.

Soon into their adventure, Jenny met Lonnie (Agent Liberi) and became quick friends with him. As of now they are dating, but they're taking it slow.


"Geek alert, geek alert!"

"Because of your comment about harems earlier, you're a pervert, and I'm a bitch that way!" Explaining to Brian (DarkMagicianmon) why she wanted to slap him.

"Meat-head." To Andrew (wildrook).

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