Jeremie is the leader of the group but is refered to the brains of the group. He is the youngest at the age of 12 but he turned 13 in Franz Hopper, where he is 4.68' tall and weighs 68.3lbs.
On Earth, Jeremie wears a light blue turtleneck sweater and khaki capris. He also has blue shoes and round glasses. He wears dark blue pajamas when he goes to sleep.
Jeremie hates going to Lyoko but tends to assist his friends while they are in Lyoko. He is well at messing up Xana for a few moments and it one big enemy to Xana. He has never been seen on Lyoko but in Ghost channel in 2-D. Ulrich and Odd say he looks "ridiculous" in Lyoko.

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