In the Omake Files of Song Ryeske, Jeremy Margas is a Raichu anth Seachi. He is currently Eva's mate.

Physical Description

Jeremy is covered in orange fur (as opposed to the usual tan fur) with a cream-covered spot on his torso and three brown stripes on his back. His tail (about three feet long) is tipped with a lightning bolt so that he can ground himself, and his feet, ears, and cheeks are all more Raichu than human.

Jeremy, compared to the other Pokemorphs in the LTE and Omakes, acts in more of an animalistic manner; particularly: walking on all fours, going through rut/estrus horn-mad, preferring doggy-style sex, and foraging for his own food. It is known he is a bisexual.


Jeremy was hatched from an egg Lowe had laid during his father's One-Night Stand, and was named after his father.

Shortly after, he mated with his niece Takako (owing to a vow of singularity he made) and got two off of her, then disturbed Helios Margas and his wife Lorelai and got a few days in a Pokeball for his trouble, where two of his forms tried to usurp him. With interference from Helios, the forms were locked in a Misers' Cage.

Afterwards, he decided to ask Chiv to give him access to someplace where he could not cause trouble; as a lark, he sent him to the Meridellan woods, where Arrathir Quinn "met" him.

He traveled with him until they arived in Qasala, when Arrathir left as a result of being attracted to another half-Raichu. He now lives on Arcanis, fulfilling Arrathir's role as Eva's mate.


Jeremy's psyche is done in the shape of a medieval village on a forest plain. While most every form has a dwelling (and thus a Soul Room), Jeremy himself does not; he is raised by a pair of Nidos in their tunnel and treated in all respects as their own child (even being allowed to suckle from the female Nidoran days after he hatched). After mating with Arrathir, he dug himself an extension from his old home to a new tunnel specifically for himself. The entrances to his Archive and Prayer Room are near his tunnel.


As a Seachi, Jeremy's base form is Raichu hybrid. His other forms are:

  • Human (somewhat of a soulmate, given Jeremy's vow)
  • Turmaculus
  • Bori (2)
  • Eyrie (2)
  • Pikacheek (2)
  • Eevee (10)
  • Scorchio (2)
  • Nidoking (acts in a parental role to Jeremy)
  • Nidoqueen (acts in a parental role to Jeremy)
  • Raichu
  • Shoyru (2)
  • Xweetok (4)
  • Uni (2)
  • Nimmo (2)
  • Techo (2)
  • Chocobo
  • Dragonfly
  • Serendipity
  • Red Dragon
  • Usul (2)
  • Buzz (2)
  • Venusaur
  • Blastoise
  • Charizard
  • Chimchar
  • Piplup
  • Turtwig
  • Swampert
  • Sceptile
  • Blaziken
  • Meganium
  • Typhlosion
  • Feraligatr

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