All four of my great grandparents migrated here from Kiev, Ukraine. This is now the capital of the independent Ukraine which is one of the largest European countries. They migrated from there and came to America stopping at Ellis Island in the early 1900's. Ellis Island is a known symbol of America’s immigration heritage. Nearly twelve million people came here in search for freedom of religion, speech and greater economic opportunities. The reason why my great grandparents left Kiev was for the same reason the majority of the immigrants came to America. That is because they weren’t openly allowed to be Jewish. They sought freedom of religion, the reason why people are still coming to the United States. They stayed in New York for a while but then moved to Philadelphia because they had relatives already settled there.

Immigrants came to America in search for a better life. Some even migrated with the intention of returning to their homeland but ended up staying. Of course the freedom of speech and religion are both attractive, but overall there is more opportunities in America for them. The first thing they looked for when they arrived here were jobs. They were not always easy to find and they were often taken advantage of and payed very low. However through perseverance they helped transform America’s socety and culture.

it should be a little longer and it should be a story not alot of facts

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