Jerry the kid and friends is a 3 friends and Jerry/Thomas parody series that includes difrents chareters

Season 1

  1. Jerry and PE Teacher/Jerry Gets Tricked
  1. Roy Johnsen and PE Teacher/Roy Johnsen helps out
  1. The Sad story of Tony/Come out Tony
  1. Roy Johnsen, Tony and PE Teacher/Tony to the rescue
  1. Jerry's Rabbits/A big day for Jerry
  1. Jerry and the bugs/Trouble for Jerry
  2. Jerry and the crane/Jerry saves the day
  3. Dick Priest and the Rabbits/Dick Priest learns a lesson
  4. Troublesome bugs/Foolsh bugs
  5. Dick Priest and the express/A proud day for Dick Priest
  6. Jerry and the gaurd/Jerry and the conductor
  7. Jerry goes fishing
  8. Jerry, Stu and the snow/Stu Pickels
  9. Jerry and Tommy Pickels/Jerry and Tommy Pickel's great race
  10. Big people and turntables
  11. Trouble in the houses
  12. Eric runs away
  13. Food/Tonys special food
  14. The flying kipper
  15. Whistles and sneezes
  16. Arnold and the stouth gentleman/Arlond the cool boy
  17. Jerry in trouble/Jerry breaks the rules

23. Dirty obectj/Dick Priest in a mess

24 . Off the road/PE Teacher takes a dip

25. Down the mine/Jerry and the mine

26. Jerry's christmas party

Season 2

27 . Jerry, Eric and the coal/Double trouble

28. Saved from scrap

29. Cows

30. Tommy Pickle's chase

31 . Jerry and Ned franders

32. Old Iron

33. Eric and the signal

34. Thomas takes charge

35. Eric and FlyGuy/Eric proves a point

36. The runaway

37. Eric takes the plunge

38. Pop goes Frank

39. Dirty Work (S2)/Frank's devios deed

40. A close shave/A close shave for Thomas

41. Better late than ever

42. Spider/Lenny and Carl

43. The deputaion

44. Jerry comes to breakfeast

45. Helga

46. Eric's predicament

47. The Homereasel

48. Wrong road

49. Roy Johnsen's expolit

50. Ghost kid/Eric's ghostly trick

51. Wooly Bear

52. Jerry and the Missing cristmas tree

Season 3

53. A scarf for Eric

54. Eric's promise

55. Time for trouble

56. PE Teacher and the fameos visitor

57. Lenny's duck

58. Jerry gets bumped

59. Jerry, Eric and the dragon

60. Frank does it again

61. Tony's forest

62. The trouble with mud

63. No joke for Dick Priest

64. Jerry, Eric and the post train

65. Trust Jerry

66. Tess

67. Arnold's tighrope

68. Roy Johhnsen, Ned Flanders and the really useful party

69. Buzz Buzz/Dick Priest goes Buzz Buzz

70. All at the sea

71. One good turn

72. Mr. Bertwisthle owns up

73. Eric Cartman

74. Heros

75. Eric, Dick Priest and the fruiful day.

76. Jerry and Eric's chrismas andvature/Jerry and Eric's mountan advanture

Season 4

77. Grandduck

78. Sleeping beathey

79. Bulldog

80. You can't win

81. Four little animals

82. A bad day for Owen Olw

83. Fungy Frog and the refreshment lady

84. Bugs/Molly Mouse helps Fungy Frog

85. Home at last

86. Rock'n'Roll

87. Special head

88. Naugthy Norman

89. Passengers and pollish

90. Gallant old mosquto

91. Molly Mouse to the rescue

92. Jerry and Bart Simpson

93. Kid stops play

94. Blowed out

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