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About the game

Jersey Holdem (JH) is a simple -- and superior -- variation of the hugely popular Texas Holdem poker game. It is essentially identical to Texas Holdem except that in JH every player is dealt his own river card face down. hence, there are only four community cards, and each player has three pocket (or hole) cards, similar to seven-card stud.

Two pocket cards are dealt face down to all players, after which there is a round of betting. Three cards are then "flopped" (face up) on the table as in Texas Holdem, after which there is another round of betting. A fourth card, the "turn," is dealt, and another round of betting ensues. A "dirty river" card is then dealt face down to all remaining players, and the final round of betting ensues, after which there is the showdown.

In JH, players have many more "outs" going into the river. It is much rarer for a player to be "drawing dead" inasmuch as the opportunities are greater for trailing players to improve their hands by pairing the board or filling a flush or straight while the leader fails to improve.

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