Narrator: 1 fine afternoon, Vanessa and Shaina were playing in the backyard, when Jessica came over.

Jessica: [Blowing Very Hard]

Jessica: [Continues Blowing Very Hard]

Vanessa: "Hey, Jessica, what are you doing?"

Jessica: "I'm trying very hard to learn how to whistle, and it takes a lot of skills and practice."

Shaina: "That sounds like a good talent."

Jessica: "I'll go outside and practice someplace else."

Meanwhile outside......

Jessica: [Blows Very Hard Again And Again]

Jessica: "It's still no use, I'm never gonna be able to do it the way the other young girls my age do it!"

Vanessa: "Hey, Jessica, I'm gonna show you a picture book that I drew for you to help you out."

Jessica: "Oh, alright."

Vanessa: (reading every single book page) # 1: Form a short little hole in your mouth."

Jessica forms a short little hole in her mouth.

Vanessa: (reading every single book page) # 2: Pucker those lips and light red cheeks, then blow all of it out.

Jessica puckers her lips and light red cheeks.

Jessica: [Blows Very Hard, Then Whistles Shortly]

Jessica: "Hey, I finally did it, I'm getting the hang of it."

Vanessa: "It's all about practice making perfect."

Jessica: [Whistling Successfully]

Jessica: "It worked, I can finally whistle now."

Jessica: [Whistling More Musical Notes]

James: "Hey, how 'bout we put on an indoor stage show for Jessica's new whistlin' talent?"

Shaina: "That's a great idea, James."

Meanwhile, inside.........

Vanessa: "So, Jessica what kind of songs are you gonna whistle for all of us?"

Jessica: "2 of them: London Bridge and The Star Spangled Banner."

Jessica goes right in front of everybody else.

Jessica: [Whistling London Bridge]

Chansome: "Incredible."

Jessica: [Whistling The Star Spangled Banner]

Jessica: [Continues Whistling]

Vanessa: "Wow, Jessica, you're really the skilled whistler in town."