Narrator: 1 morning on Gullah Gullah Island, Jessica woke up to find something in the air.

[Young Girl Kids Whistling In Distance]

Narrator: "Every single girl kid were both whistling while doing their own activity."

[Kayla and Melanie Whistling Musically]

Narrator: "Kayla and Melanie were both whistling while drawing in their drawing book."

[Chansome Whistling Casually]

Narrator: "And Chansome was whistling 'cause he was proud and cheerful and delivering the mail."

Jessica: "Wow, that looks like fun and exciting, I've gotta try it."

Jessica: [Blows Very Hard]

Narrator: Jessica tried and tried very hard to whistle like Kayla, Melanie and Chansome.

Jessica: [Blows Very Hard Again]

Narrator: But she couldn't.

Narrator: "So she decided to ask Kayla and Melanie for some help and advice."

Jessica: "Wow, Kayla, Melanie, you girls have some good whistling techniques there, but I wish I could do it the way you do it."

Kayla: "Hey, Jessica, l've heard Chansome whistling this morning, maybe he'll teach you how to do it."

Jessica: "I guess Chansome's a talented whistler by the way."

Narrator: Later, Jessica was with Chansome.........

Chansome: "Now, all you need to do is relax, then try blowing a bit softer."

Jessica walks around and pretends she's whistling some sort of song.

Chansome: "Not bad for a beginner, though."

Jessica: "On 2nd thought, I think I'll ask Vanessa and Shaina instead."


Vanessa: "There are lots of ways to whistle real loudly, Jessica, try using these blades of grass."

Vanessa and Shaina: [Loud Grass Whistle Sounds]

Jessica: [Blows Hard On Grass]

Shaina: "Try not to blow on it too hard."

Jessica: "I might as well give up right now."

Melanie: "Jessica, there are lots of other things besides whistling, like finger painting and macaroni art." 

Jessica: "I know, it's too hard and impossible."

James: "When you tried very hard to whistle, then you blew very hard, what came outta your mouth?"

Jessica: "Nothing!" "It's just that I don't really know how to whistle the way the other girls my age do."

Kayla: "Hey, you should rest right now, here, have a chocolate fudge cookie, it's very hot, you should blow on it."

Jessica: [Blowing Very Hard]

Jessica: [Continues Blowing Very Hard]

Jessica: [Whistles Real Loudly]

Jessica: "Hey, what was that?"

Vanessa: "Jessica, you can finally whistle now!"

Jessica: [Whistling 7 Musical Notes]

Jessica: "Hey, I can finally do it now!"

Binyah Binyah: "Ooh, wonderful music."

Narrator: Chansome came to see who was making that whistling sound.

Jessica: "Chansome, I can finally whistle right now, I can do it all day and night."

Chansome: "Well, then let's hear it."

Jessica: [Whistling 7 Musical Notes]

Chansome: "Wonderfully amazing."

Narrator: Jessica has finally learned how to whistle right now."

Vanessa: "Do it again."

Jessica: [Whistling Waltzing Matilda]

James: "Wow, listen to that super awesome whistling sound that Jessica's makin'."

Jessica: [Continues Whistling Beautifully]

Shaina: "Jessica, your skills of whistling are much more better than before."

Jessica: "Well, it's just because of a little more practice and the warm air in the summer time."

Shaina: "Do it 1 more time."

Jessica: [Whistling 5 Musical Notes]