Jessie Daniels was born in 1963 she is the Forth River and the form before Zoe Hart Jessie liked to wear the colour brown. Jessie had the personally of not having much to worry about and would walk into events without thinking this was also what killed her.


she first manage to track down Emma Smith and help her in the fight with the gang leader known as Mike Sanders near the end of that year she was taken hostage by Mike Sanders and was held on Emerald Island where he kept her was a trap because Mike Sanders didnt think Emma Smith would even make it there being so hard to reach. However he was proven wrong when she came in by helicopter that she had taken from the army.

Jessie Daniels was saved Emma Smith who killed Mike Sanders. Soon they tried to fly out of the island but were shoot down from the sky by the army. The lived in the sea for a shortime but manage to return home sometime later. After this they were meet by the rest of the Rivers hearing the story on television on what the army called a terroist attack.


In a fight with the Mike Sanders left over Jessie Smith paid the price with her life when she was stabbed by a member of the Mels Boys who was called Richard Perry she died from blood lost. When she went her words were this is it for me get your own back for me please Emma.

3 Days later Zoe Hart was born but under the maiden name of Zoe Chapel.

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