Getting to and from DCA is fairly easy, since it's right on the Metro.

Getting to and from IAD is harder, since it's farther out and only connected to the Metro by a bus. So there are two things to think about with regards to that:

  1. Getting to IAD on the morning of the 5th.
  2. Getting from IAD to (wherever, Takoma park in my case) late at night on the 27th.

The first I'm less concerned about; the Metro works well enough. The second is tricky. Ken says the Metro shuts down at midnight, so that's not a useful way to get to Takoma Park (where Sarah lives) - it's basically impossible. Other options:

  1. Taxi. Ken says it would be $70 including tip to Takoma Park.
  2. Rental car. About $45, dropping it off the next day (which I could do at DCA).
  3. Your relatives?

Any of these can be split between us if we're both going to Sarah's place (you might as well stay there a night - wouldn't hurt, right?) or to places close enough to each other. The rental car could be split regardless, though if we're going in opposite directions it's not the greatest.

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