Cast: (version 1 by DEEcat98/Dianecat98)

Titana as Lincoln Loud

Larimar as Lori Loud

Milky as Leni Loud

Peridot as Luna Loud

Ruby as Luan Loud

Rin as Lynn Loud

Luea as Lucy Loud

Sango as Lana Loud

Garnet as Lola Loud

Sapphie as Lisa Loud

Labra as Lily Loud

Opal as Rita Loud

Jasper as Lynn Loud Sr.

Io as Clyde McBride

Tour as Bobby Santiago

Amelie as Ronnie Anne Santiago

Koron as Charles

Kako as Cliff

Mako as Geo

Roko as Walt


Season 1:

  1. Left in the Dark/Get the Message
  2. Heavy Meddle/Making the Case
  3. Driving Miss Pup/No Guts, No Lari
  4. The Sweet Spot/A Tale of Two Tables
  5. Project Jewel House/In Tents Debate
  6. Sound of Silence/Space Invader
  7. Picture Perfect/Undie Pressure
  8. Tita or Swim/Changing the Polar Bear Cub
  9. Overnight Success/Ties That Bind
  10. Hand Me Downer/Sleuth or Consequences
  11. Butterfly Effect/The Green House
  12. Along Came a Chihuahua/Chore and Peace
  13. For Jewel Pets About to Rock/It's a Jewel, Jewel, Jewel, Jewel House
  14. Toads and Tiaras/Two Boys and a Polar Bear Cub
  15. Cover Jewel Pets/Save the Date
  16. Attention Deficit/Out on a Limo
  17. House Music/A Novel Idea
  18. April Fools Rules/Cereal Offender
  19. Titana: Girl Guru/Come Sale Away
  20. Roughin' It/The Waiting Game
  21. The Sparklest Yard/Raw Deal
  22. Dance Dance Resolution/A Fair to Remember
  23. One of the Boys/A Tattler's Tale
  24. Funny Business/Snow Bored
  25. The Price of Admission/One Flu Over The Jewel House
  26. Study Muffin/Homespun

Season 2:

1. 11 Jewelpets a Leapin

2. Intern for the Worst/The Old and the Restless

3. Baby Steps/Brawl in the Family

4. Suite and Sour/Back in Black

5. Making the Grade/Vantastic Voyage

6. Patching Things Up/Cheater By the Dozen

7. Lock N' Jewel/The Whole Picture

8. No Suck Luck/Frog Wild

9. Kick the Bucket List/Party Down

10. Fed Up/Shell shock

11. Pulp Friction/Macaroon Hamsters Peeved

12. Potty Mouth/L is for Love

13. The Jewel Mission: Relative Chaos

14. Out of the Picture/Room with a Fued

15. Back Out There/Spell It Out

16. Bunny's Paradise/Job Insecurity

17. Arggh for Real/Garage Banned

18. Change of Heart/Health Kicked

19. Rin-er Takes All/Future Tense

20. Yes-Critter/Friend or Faux

21. No Laughing Matter/Legends

22. No Spoilers/Mall of Dudy

23. Trick or Treatery

24. Read Aloud/Not a Jewelpet

25. The Crying Dame/Anti Social

26. Snow Way Out/Snow Way Down

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