Jim Gonon was president of the United States of Jaffeland from 1997-2001.

Early Life

Jim Gonon was born in New Roomia on July 6th, 1945. He lived there most of his life until he went off to college at Jacklyn University with a Soccer Scholarship. Jim Gonon said that for a while he said he hated politics, but after learning about the history of Elections in High School, he became very intersted. He took Politcal Science, while playing starting mid-field at Jacklyn. After graduating, Jim was a top 100 prospect for the JLSL draft, and was taken in the 3rd round by none other then New Roomia. Yet after not making the final team, he went back to school, and ended up finishing with a Ph. D. in Political Science.

Mayor of Mt. Roy City

After attending Grad School at Mt. Roy University, he fell in love with Mt. Roy City. After a few years of living there he would end up running for mayor. After losing the primaries in '90 he would run again in '94, and would gain national spotlight after mailing a letter to CNN that expressed his hatred for Current President Ross Wolfe that was aired because of the great words, and statements he used, but brought some controversy because of various curse words. (for more on this incident: The Gonon Letter Controversy) He would make the final cut as the Democratic candidate, and would win in a landslide.

Bid for President

In late 1995, Jim Gonon would annonce a run for President, and because of great debating and public speaking skills, would do very well in the polls. This also has something to do with the Gonon Letter Controversy. Comming into the Basemont Primaries, Gonon was trailing in the polls by a meagre 2%. In a suprise Gonon would win the primary with a 2% lead. This would lead to many other primary and caucus wins, and would ultimately give Gonon the Democratic Candidicy.

The General Election Campaigning started off with a splash when Gonon picked Kyle Wright-Brady as his VP candidate, over what many experts had predicted him to pick, Matthew Jokeman. Matthew Jokeman was offended by this, and ended up endorsing Ross Wolfe.

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