Jim and Andy are the two diesels in the YouTube Thomas the Tank Engine parody special, The Rise of Steam, by cactus190706 from the YouTube.


Jim and Andy arrives at the Knaford Station and they met up with the Mallard. She is pleased to see the them, but not Steam Engine. He hates diesels, because he is a diesel hunter and he decieded to put the truck onto the viaduct. Then Jim and Andy oiled away. Andy arrives at the Welsworth Station and met up with Henry and he told him not to be sad, because he will do work in no time and Henry agrees with him and he told him that he and Jim are all the friendly diesels in the world. Tonight when all the works done, Jim and Andy can have a nice long chat. Jim and Andy soon saw the truck on the viaduct where Steam Engine had put, they tried to stop but they couldn't because they were going to fast and they finaly crased into the truck and they derailed and they crashed into the village and the bildings and they finally explodes. After Jim and Andy's death, the news sprieded all over the island which makes the engines very sad.





Allies: Mallard, Thomas, Henry, Bertie

Enemies: Steam Engine

Fate: Explodes 


  • They only appeared in the movie The Rise of Steam.

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