• Jiminy Glick/David Lynch as Sonic
  • Dixie Glick as Cream
  • Natalie Coolidge as Amy Rose
  • Dee Dee as Rogue
  • Andre Devine as King Acorn
  • Miranda Coolidge as Rogue
  • Haygood Lewkin as Tails
  • Sharon as Lucinda
  • Barry King as Lucas
  • Ben DiCarlo as Knuckles
  • Gunnar "MC GUN" Jorge as Dr. Eggman
  • Jay Schiffer as Espio
  • Randall Bookerton as Charmy Bee
  • Matthew Glick as Vector
  • Bellhop/Barber as Big the Cat
  • Tibor as E-123 Omega
  • and more

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