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Jiminy Veemon is the twenty-fourth episode of Digimon Adventure 2.

The English Version is written by Adolph Green and Betty Comden.



Veemon: Why can't i Digivolve? TELL ME WHYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! (Blow his nose on Terriermon's Ear.)

Terriermon: AHEM!!

Veemon: (Realizing what he did, lets Terriermon go.) Oh sorry, i'm done.

Willis: Maybe you're tired.

Genie: Maybe you have some kind of Digi-jetlag.

Hawkmon: Is there any chance you ate some bad Chocolate?

Veemon: Mm-mm.

Iago: Have you by any chance, got a severe case of fur wedgie?

Veemon: Nope.

Armadillomon: Maybe Chicken Soup'll help. Huh?

Iago: You know what, Veemon? I've been thinking. I was wondering if you be like him.

Veemon: Huh, be like who?

Jiminy Cricket: You Buttered your Bread. Now sleep in it!

Iago: Like Jiminy Cricket.

Armadillomon, Hawkmon, Grovermon and Terriermon: Huh?

Iago: I was just wondering if.. you be like Jiminy Cricket. You know, like when he saw Pinocchio doing bad things at Pleasure Island?

Armadillomon, Hawkmon, Grovermon and Terriermon: Hmm....

(They imagine Veemon as Jiminy Veemon, Cody as Pinocchio and Willis as Lampwick.)

Lampwick: What's the matter, Slats? Losin' your grip?

Jiminy Veemon: PINOCCHIO!!! So this is where i find you? How d'you ever expect to be a real boy? Look at yourself... Smoke, playing Pool. OWWW!! You're coming right home with me, this minute!

Lampwick: Hey... who's the Beetle?

Jiminy Veemon: Put me down!

Pinocchio: He's my conscience. He tells me what's right and wrong.

Lampwick: WHAT?!! You mean to tell me you take orders from a Grasshopper?!

Jiminy Veemon: Grasshopper?! Look here, you... you ignorant young pup! It wouldn't hurt me to take orders from Grasshopper or your conscience... if you have one.

Lampwick: Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure. Screwball in the corner pocket.

Jiminy Veemon: Why...why, you young hoodlum. I'l... i'l knock your block off!!

Lampwick: Ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha ha!

Jiminy Veemon: Why, i'll take you apart and put you back together!

Pinocchio: Oh, don't hurt him, Jiminy. He's my best friend.

Jiminy Veemon: Why i'll... your best Friend? And what am i? Just your stinking conscience. Okay, that settles it. I've had quite enough of this... this... this push-off.

Pinocchio: But Jiminy....

Jiminy Veemon: You Buttered your Bread. Now sleep in it!

Lampwick: Ha, ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha! Ha!

Jiminy Veemon: HA, HA, HA!! Go on, laugh! Make a Jackass out of yourself! I'm through, this is the end.

Pinocchio: But Jiminy, Lampwick says a guy only lives once.

Jiminy Veemon: Lampwick! HMMM!

Lampwick: Come on! Come on! Let him go!

Veemon: JIMINY CRICKETS!!! I can't believe you would say such a thing like that! I am nothing like Jiminy Cricket!

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