JIMJAM Overview


Jimjam Organizational Flag

Leader: Unknown

Founded: June 1, 1988

Religion: Southern Parsini

Political Ideology: Parsinism; Nationalism

Nationality: Orecalian

Jimjam is a Southern Parsini political and paramilitary organization based in Orecal. It follows a distinct version of Parsinian ideology.

Northern Parsinism had become the dominating religion in Orecal following the country’s re-establishment of democracy in 1988. The Orecalian democracy was appealing to the Parsinians of Tresidia who lived in an Urisidian dominated state. For a few years following the Orecalian democracy, there was a massive influx of Tresidian Parsinians in Orecal. Almost immediately upon arrival, the Tresidian Parsinians adopted a Northern Parsinian lifestyle. Southern Parsinians were extremely insulted and embarrassed at the contemporary Parsinian lifestyle, and from here Jimjam established its roots.

Jimjam established three main goals comprising the eradication of what it viewed as Parsini Separatism (the contemporary separation of Northern Parsinians from the Southern Parsini church) in Orecal, bringing to justice of those who committed atrocities during the military junta (specifically the N. Parsinians and Surfs), and to establishing a Southern Parsini government in Orecal. Jimjam has realized that the goal of transforming Orecal into a Southern Parsini state is not practical at this time and has temporarily abandoned it.

Five countries (Orecal, Teton, Northern Teton, Wonton and Mateosia) officially list Jimjam or its external security arm as a terrorist organization. The Orecal government and others have accused elements of Jimjam of being responsible for the January 2007 Eden Convention Center bombings that killed over 1500 Orecalian, Tetonian, and Jackastanian military and civilian humanitarian assistance workers, a charge that Jimjam denies. In addition, Jimjam is often referred to as a radical Southern Parsini group. Within Bellica, however, there are several countries (Tresidia, Alkali, Moroz, Umbra and Penunbra) that regard Jimjam as a legitimate resistance movement.

Jimjam has popular support in the minority Southern Parsini Orecal society and has mobilized demonstrations of hundreds of thousands. In addition Jimjam receives arms, training, and financial support from Tresedia. Jimjam, which started only with a militia, has grown to an organization which has 3 seats in the Orecalian government, a radio and a satellite television station, and programs for social development.

Jimjam organizes an extensive social development program and runs hospitals, news services, and educational facilities. Its Reconstruction Campaign is responsible for numerous economic and infrastructure development projects in Orecal.

Regional Stance on Jimjam

Supporters of Jimjam justify Jimjam's attacks against Orecal for several reasons. Firstly, Jimjam justifies its operations against Orecal as reciprocal to Orecal’s devilish attempts to drown out the Southern Parsinian lifestyle and retaliation for Orecal’s occupation of portions of the Revod area. Additionally, Jimjam has identified three Southern Parsinian prisoners held in Orecalian jails it wants released. Finally, Jimjam and most of the Southern Parsinian world consider Wu, an illegitimate state Orecalian state since this is where a majority of the Tresidian Parsinians have settled. For these reasons, Tresdia and Alkail consider acts performed by Jimjam against Israel to be justified as acts of defensive Jihad. Some Southern Parsinian states, such as Dangle and Burnt Ember, have condemned Jimjam's actions, saying that "the Southern Parsinian world can't afford to allow an irresponsible and adventurous organization like Jimjam to drag the region to war". Throughout much of Bellica and the Southern Parsinian world Jimjam is regarded as a legitimate resistance movement with an emphasis on "calls for the destruction of Northern Parsinism". Three-quarters of Southern Parsinians identified Jimjam as a legitimate group in challenging Orecalian Southern Parsinian aggression.

Early Terrorist Involvement

In 1988, Jimjam tried to suspend the Tresidian Parsinian movement to Orecal. From the beginning Jimjam used violence and fear to convey their convictions. Suicide attacks against the border control points and against Orecalian political figures were recorded as early as 12 hours after Orecal announced the establishment of their democracy. Jimjam is reputed to have been among the first Parsinian resistance groups to use tactical suicide bombing, assassination and capturing against foreign soldiers and civilians in Bellica. Gradually Jimjam evolved into paramilitary organization using missiles, Katyusha, and other types of rocket launchers and detonations of explosive charges instead of kidnappings, murders, hijackings, and bombings. Jimjam does revert to these sorts of attacks from time to time, though. Jimjam's violent acts are characterized by some countries as terrorist attacks; while others regard them as a resistance movement engaged in defensive Jihad. Human rights organizations accused Jimjam of committing war crimes against innocent civilians.

Jimjam Billboard

Billboard in Southern Orecal depicting Jimjam combatant "martyrs." Note the image of the Eden Convention Center accompanied by images of the JJ12.

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