Jimmy Nutron Boy Genuis the Movie

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Scene Selections

  1. Opening Titles
  2. Communication Toaster
  3. Getting Ready for School
  4. Show and Tell
  5. Butter 'Em Up
  6. I'm Home
  7. Jimmy's Lab
  8. Steared the House
  9. King Goobot and Ooblar
  10. Jimmy's Ready to go to Retroland
  11. Cindy and Libby's Plan
  12. Jimmy, Carl, Sheen and Nick at Retroland
  13. Jimmy's Parents Say Goodbye
  14. Parents Been Tappted by Aliens
  15. No Parents
  16. Five-O-Let's Go
  17. Jimmy's Ledgendary Problem
  18. They Decide to Get Thier Parents Back
  19. A Wild Ride
  20. Asteriod Camp
  21. The Little Rescue Party
  22. Welcome to the Planet
  23. Throw Them in Duncen
  24. A Few Kind Words
  25. Giant Chicken
  26. Saving Thier Parents
  27. Big Brain
  28. It's Just Breakfast

Bonus Features

  • Music and More
  • Fun and Games
  • Making of the Film
  • DVD-Rom

Set Up

  • Spoken Languages - English, French and Spnash and None
  • Subtitles - English, French, and Spanish and None
  • Register Your DVD
  • THX-Certified

Sneak Peeks

  • Rugrats Go Wild
  • Blue's Room
  • Bebe's Kids
  • The Naked Gun 3

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