List of Them

  1. Kazuya Mishima (Father)
  2. Jun Kazama (Mother)
  3. Heihachi Mishima (Grandfather)
  4. Kazumi Mishima (Grandmother)
  5. Jinpachi Mishima (Great-Grandfather)
  6. Lee Chaolan (Adoptive Uncle)
  7. Lars Alexandersson (Half-Uncle)
  8. Devil Jin (Possessed)
  9. Nina Williams (Bodyguard)
  10. Anna Williams (Semy Bodyguard)
  11. Hwoarang (Goodly Rival)
  12. Raven (Best Friend)
  13. Ling Xiaoyu (Girlfriend)
  14. Christie Monteiro (Sexy Girlfriend)
  15. Asuka Kazama (Cousin; Sister)
  16. Forest Law (Cousin-In-Law; Brother-In-Law)

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