Character: Shang

Bio: Shang is the self chosen name of one of the few remaining Time lords of galifry, like The Doctor Shang can see time in all of it's entirety, has an incredible IQ, and can out wit all of earth's greatest minds. As a time lord Shang is technically immortal and cannot die from old age but when fatally wounded Shang can regenerate and transform into physically a new person

Weakness: his compassion cause unlike The Doctor Shang becomes more emotionally attached to his friends than his fellow timelord, the problem is as a time lord Shang will technically live forever while his mortal friends with wither and die

Transportation: unlike The Doctor, Shang does not have a Tardis but has a "map" of the time stream in his mind so he can find the "short cuts" in time to travel any where and any when he wants, with in reason.

Shang survived the time war because ulike the rest of his kind he ran and hid, so he trys to compensate for his guilt by helping other people. Now like The Doctor, Shang has becomed enamored with Earth most particularly with the cultures of Asia so his favorete past time is to search for planets that match the culture that he fell in love with, Shang is now five hundred years old and has regenerated a few times so he is now on his third body, he is currently a six foot pale fellow with lively black eyes sholder length brown hair that he keeps up in a pig tail, his outfit is a green sleveless vest over a long sleeved black shirt, with black silk pants, a pair of kung fu slippers, and a white head band to complete the outfit.

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